Soundproof your home; leakproof your wallet

Ahhhh. Nothing beats the sound of peace and quiet. Except maybe the jingle of extra money in your pocket. Insulate your home with spray polyurethane foam, and you can treat your ears to both kinds of beautiful music.

Soundproof your home with spray foam insulation

Spray foam helps cut down on airborne sound transmission, creating a layer of soundproofing that outperforms traditional noise control products like batting, rigid board insulation, and even acoustical ceilings. While closed-cell spray foam is great at reducing low-frequency noise, open-cell foam excels at minimizing noises of high-frequency. Working in concert, the two types of spray foam can make a dramatic difference in noise levels in your home or business.

And leakproof your wallet

And while spray foam is great at keeping noise down, it’s even better at eliminating wasteful and expensive energy loss that results from air infiltration. Spray foam seals seams, cracks, crevices and gaps that let air escape and force your HVAC to work overtime.

The EPA Department of Energy estimates heating and cooling accounts for 48% of the energy used in your home. That means that making your HVAC’s job easier can net you up to 20% in monthly energy costs savings. In fact, some customers, like Julie Hickerson of New Orleans,  have reported savings of even more:

“We have saved about 30-40% on our electrical bill! Not to mention it is much quieter in the house.  You can’t hear the “outside” noise as much. That was an unexpected bonus!!! Give them [Sunlight Contractors] the chance to make a loyal customer out of you. I promise they won’t let you down!”


When it comes both to controlling sound and providing that energy-saving air barrier, spray foam is only as good as its installation. Sunlight Contractors, LLC, is Louisiana’s top licensed and master certified provider for spray foam insulation services. Their highly trained professionals have the knowledge and expertise to transform your home or business into a symphony of serenity and savings.

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