Why New Orleans homeowners prefer spray foam

How long does spray foam insulation last?

There’s a long list of reasons to love spray polyurethane foam insulation. But to understand exactly why so many New Orleans homeowners are tried-and-true fans, you need to hear it straight from the horses’ mouths. Take a look at these comments from some of the hundreds of satisfied Sunlight Contractors spray foam customers.

Air leaks gone!

“Sunlight just finished with closed cell spray foam under my house and I must say it’s exceptional! The floors feel solid and there is no draft anymore!”

“The spray foam insulation they installed under our floors has made a huge difference with noise and drafts in the house.”

Comfort restored!

“They spray foamed my attic. Immediately I felt a drastic improvement in my house’s insulation.”

“I own a double with little or no insulation below and in the attic. I had closed cell spray foam installed in my crawl space to shore up my subfloor and to provide a moisture barrier, and of course for the added insulation. Already I can hear the difference as I walk on my hardwood floors.”

“I had blown-in insulation installed in my attic and garage-wall… with the outside temperatures ranging between 100 and 110 degrees, the additional installation has helped to keep the interior temperatures at/below 75 degrees — unlike before!”

Utility bills lowered!

“I’ve had my spray foam for almost a year now. The difference I see in my energy bill is unbelievable. Last year during the summer months, prior to the install, my bill was right around $250 dollars. This year I did not pay over $140 in the hottest part of the summer. My air conditioning is running much less and my home is overall so much more comfortable.”

“I’ve had spray foam for over a year now and my average monthly bill is $175. AVERAGE of $175!  Last summer I had some trees removed, lost shade, etc. and still the house was cool…  I AM A BELIEVER!  This works!”

And all of this is only the beginning. Click here to learn why so many other New Orleans homeowners are fans of spray foam – and why they’re all glad they trusted Sunlight Contractors to handle the installation!


Whether you’re seeking increased comfort and energy savings, a quieter indoor environment, improved structural strength, or a combination of these and many other benefits for your home, Sunlight Contractor’s licensed, certified experts are ready to help. Before you know it, you too will be a member of the unofficial Spray Foam and Sunlight Contractors Fan Club!

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