A solar water system harnesses the sun to do your laundry.

Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater

“When I called for help, they came right away,” said Frank Winfield when asked about his experience with Sunlight Contractor’s certified team. “They were polite and helpful and kept their work area clean the entire time.”

Corey Yates and his crew at Sunlight Contractors are proud to be known for their prompt and courteous customer service. They’re also proud to be a part of the solar energy movement sweeping the United States. As more and more Americans have begun to install solar systems, whether hot water heaters or solar panels, the prices have gone down and confidence in the systems has gone up. Federal and state tax credits make the falling prices even more affordable up front.

Like many Americans, Frank had become interested in the potential of solar energy in recent years for obvious reasons. Dishwashers, showers, laundry all contribute a considerable cost to a monthly utility bill, and Frank watched in dismay as his bills rose. Solar water heaters harness solar energy to heat water, and that means that a large quantity of water can be heated free of charge once the system is installed. It seemed like the right choice to Frank, and he’s already reaping the benefits.

Even the most well-oiled machines occasionally experience problems, but you can be sure that the Sunlight Contractor’s team will take care of any trouble you run into as close to the speed of light as possible. When Frank’s heater experienced a hiccup, Corey and the crew rushed to the scene to fix it. According to Frank, “The technician that came out was very knowledgeable and friendly. He knew right away what my problem was and fixed it quickly so I could once again have hot water.”

If you’re one of millions of Americans considering the switch to solar energy, you’re in luck. You live in a state where sunshine is in steady supply, and you’ve got the team at Sunlight Contractors at your service to make that resource work for you. Why not let the sun do your laundry this summer and save yourself some money?


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