Do It Yourself Insulation Upgrade or Do I Hire an Expert?

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How to hire a certified spray foam insulation installer.

Will it Save or Be Costly – DYI Insulation Upgrade

Spending the money on an insulation upgrade can be a good choice for any New Orleans homeowner.  The choice of insulation will make a huge difference on your savings.  Spray foam insulation offers the largest savings on utilities.  Can this be done as a do it yourself project?  Yes, it can, however, spray foam insulation needs to be correctly or it will be a costly mess to clean up and replace.

First, there is the proper balance of mixing before application.  If the ingredients are not mixed correctly, spray foam can give off odors after it has cured.  Second, is the safety equipment required during application.  How much will it cost you to rent it.  Third, applying spray foam evenly to get the maximum benefit from your application.  Usually, when I start a DYI project,  I’m thinking of all the money I will be saving.  However, I can not count the times my DYI projects have been more expensive than if I would have hired an expert to do the job.

Spray foam insulation will make your home tight as a drum, and you’ll save money while decreasing your energy use. Closed-cell foam like the GACO insulation we use at Sunlight Contractors has the greatest resistance to the movement of air of any insulation material, keeping conditioned air in and unconditioned air out of your home. With spray foam insulation and an energy efficient HVAC system, you can easily see energy savings of as much as 50%.

It’s Imperative to Choose a Qualified Installer

There’s no question about it, it’s the right choice to make, but you should practice caution when choosing a contractor to install the insulation. Installing spray foam insulation is no easy task; it requires skill and expert knowledge. Non-certified contractors who lack the proper training should never be employed to undertake such extensive work on your home.

Improper insulation can result in large gaps, some hidden by folds of foam, making it virtually impossible to detect them though they still leak air. In addition, installers without the prerequisite training are more likely to make mistakes during installation, installing too sparingly or using high-tech equipment inappropriately, which can lead to mixing and temperature problems.

While most installers are members of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, many are members in name only. Don’t be fooled by membership. Check to ensure that the installers you hire have received spray-foam training and have passed the available certification level tests like  our crew at Sunlight Contractors. You can check up on a spray foam installer’s certifications easily by going to the SPFA’s website and doing a search for the crew or by calling 866-222-5000.

At Sunlight Contractors, our leader Corey Yates is the most licensed contractor in Louisiana, and our company is the only insulation installer in Louisiana with spray foam certification as project manager. We’re proud to have a team that is fully certified and trained in the installation of spray foam insulation. We invest in only top rated equipment and materials to guarantee the quality of our work as well as the safety of our workers.

If you’re considering spray foam insulation, look no further than Sunlight Contractors. You can check out our credentials at the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance website. Just search for us by our membership number 51402609, scroll down, and read up on our highly qualified team. Because we’re trained to do our work right the first time, we can stand by it every time.

Detailed Instructions for Checking Certifications

  1. Go to the SPFA website.

  2. Click on the “Find an SPFA Contractor or Supplier” button in the right navigation bar.

  3. In the State field, type LA for our State.

  4. From the list of Louisiana contractors, select “Sunlight Contractors, LLC dba Dr. Energy Saver Nola.” On the left side click on “View”

  5. Note the certifications held by Sunlight Contractors at the bottom of the page.

  6. Click back and check out the other contractors. Note that we are the only contractor with Project Manager Certification. Please do your research on the SPFA site and see why it’s important.


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