Roofing spray foam: is it really that good? – Commercial Roofing by Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana

A properly installed and maintained spray foam roof offers property owners a sustainable alternative to traditional products. Unlike BUR, mineral cap sheet, and other familiar roofing materials, a spray foam roof will virtually last forever with minimal upkeep.

GacoRoofFoam makes tear-offs a thing of the past

Commercial roof tear-offs aren’t just expensive in terms of labor and landfill expenses. They also interfere with the daily operations of your business, which cuts into your revenue stream. GacoRoofFoam can be applied directly to pre-existing roofing substrate, eliminating the need for a tear-off in most cases. More importantly, spray foam and sealant can be applied to your industrial or commercial roof without interrupting your day-to-day business processes.

Spray foam can be applied to virtually any roofing substrate

Spray foam can be installed on flat or sloped roofs of any size. Unlike traditional materials, spray foam can even be applied to odd-shaped architecture, completely sealing up the cracks and crevices that often accompany unusual outcroppings on industrial and commercial rooftops. GacoRoofFoam can even be used to build up a positive slope on flat roofs to improve drainage.

It provides unparalleled protection from environmental damage

Spray foam roofing safeguards your property from every environmental assault. It clings to the existing substrate, resisting windlift that creates vulnerabilities to your entire structure. It provides an impermeable, watertight seal against rain and and ponding water. When paired with Gaco’s silicone sealer, even UV-related damage is a problem of the past.

Spray foam seals and insulates, reducing energy costs while it repels moisture

In addition to protecting properties from the elements, spray foam provides a layer of high R-value spray foam insulation to buildings. When combined with the highly-reflective finish of GacoFlex S20 and S21 Silicone Roof Coatings, a spray foam roof can drastically reduce your energy costs.

GacoRoofFoam lasts decades with only the occasional recoat

When installed by knowledgeable professionals who take time to do the job correctly, a spray foam roof can endure the harshest environmental conditions for decades. Gaco is so confident in their product, they offer labor and material warranties that guarantee the quality of your new roof. No other roofing material offers the sustainable, long-term protection that GacoRoofFoam does.

Are you ready to invest in a durable roofing system that will protect your real estate assets for years to come? Want to avoid a costly tear-off and years of patching repairs? Get in touch with the roofing specialists at Sunlight Contractors today. We’ll provide an assessment of your existing roofing substrate and provide custom recommendations to ensure your satisfaction.

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