Case Study: Holcomb Wall And Attic Insulation

Sunlight Contractors New Orleans Louisiana Spray Foam Insulation reduces utilities prevents moisture prevents bugs

Adding Wall and Attic Insulation to a Historic Home

Upgrading wall and attic insulation in any home renovation is a challenge.  This homeowner chose both blown in cellulose insulation and spray foam insulation to get the maximum benefit to combat high ceilings and make his historic home warm.

Re-insulating a historic home for savings and comfort

Restoring a 1923 New Orleans home is no simple process. But Judy and Jessi Holcomb say that Sunlight Contractors made the insulation phase of their renovation virtually painless.

Southern Louisiana’s extreme temperatures and perpetual humidity can mean year-round discomfort and high energy bills for homeowners. Knowing that energy would be the number one expense in the 5000-square-foot home, the Holcombs consulted with Sunlight about an effective insulation method. They decided upon a combination of wall and attic insulation; spray foam in the roof sheathing and mist-applied cellulose in the walls.

Myriad of benefits with proper insulation

Sunlight recommended spray foam insulation. Spray foam creates an air barrier critical to savings on both heating and cooling. With an energy-efficient HVAC system, a home re-insulated with spray foam can result in savings of 40% or more due to the R-Value of spray foam insulation. Spray foam also strengthens structural integrity.

Blown-in cellulose is also a popular and effective insulation method for increasing energy efficiency and savings. Eco-friendly and affordable, blown-in cellulose can reduce energy waste by as much as 50%. Cellulose fibers are also chemically treated to increase resistance to mold, mildew pests and fire protection.

Sunlight makes it attic and wall insulation simple

The Holcombs say they’re not only happy with the job’s outcome, they also loved Sunlight’s open communication, including clear responses to questions and informed advice about their insulation options. They appreciated knowing that master-certified insulation installer Corey Yates was on the job “every minute of the two-days that they worked,” and were impressed by how the crew kept the job site “spotlessly clean.”

“This is the third home we’ve done in New Orleans, and, by far, this is the only company we’ve worked with that was perfectly helpful and professional and very clean from beginning to end.

We are very pleased with the job and highly recommend Sunlight Contractors for all your energy saving products,” say the Holcombs.

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