Why this New Orleans Business Chose Spray Foam Roofing

New Orleans business chooses spray foam roofing
New Orleans business chooses spray foam roofing

A newly formed mineral processing company, IT Minerals is one of many emerging businesses making the port of New Orleans home. Because they import raw materials such as perlite, which is later turned into insulating material for construction projects, it’s no wonder that the company would prioritize energy efficiency.

Spray Foam Roofing is a Logical Choice for New Orleans Businesses

For businesses like IT Minerals that are looking for ways to save money and conserve energy, spray foam roofing is a logical choice. Because spray foam roofing can be applied over any roofing substrate, there are no removal costs associated with the installation, and the spray foam roofing is the most durable roofing option available today. A properly installed and maintained spray foam roof can last up to fifty years!

Spray foam roofing extends the life of industrial and commercial structures. Because it clings to roof surfaces, it resists wind lift that would cause serious damage to traditional roofs, and it prevents water damage by filling in uneven substrates and cracks where leaks often occur. When sealed with a protective elastomeric top coat, a spray foam roof even resists rain, fire, and harmful UV rays.

IT Minerals and other New Orleans businesses that choose spray foam roofing have much-needed protection from the southern Louisiana’s searing heat and damaging winds and rains, especially during hurricane season.

Louisiana Businesses With Spray Foam Roofs Save Money in Upkeep and Overhead

However, longevity isn’t the only benefit to business owners who select spray foam roofing. In addition to the savings on upkeep, business structures will net monthly savings on heating and cooling costs. The high R-value of spray foam roofing systems reduces energy expenses by 30% to 50% while increasing the overall comfort of your business. Within just a few years, a spray foam roof will pay for itself in saved utility costs!

If you’re a southern Louisiana business owner searching for ways to reduce your monthly overhead costs, contact our energy efficiency experts to discuss spray foam roofing. It’s better for business, it’s better for your wallet, and it’s better for the environment.


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