Louisiana Business Prospects – Is Mold Hurting your Business?

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Louisiana Business Prospects –

Is mold killing your Louisiana business prospects?  It’s a fact the there is strong competition for any business.  Todays’ consumers will not put up with the bad smells of a musty building.  Rightly so because it can be a health hazard to many customers.  It’s not just that occasional comment, it is more than that to many consumers.

“Ewwww. No way I’m going to that hardware store — it always smells funky in there.”

“Yeah, and that pastry shop down the street with the to-die-for beignets? I’ve decided that I’m NOT willing to die from those weird black spots they have all over their walls and ceilings!”

“Don’t even get me started on that otherwise cool blues club next door. I can’t go in there without a major sneeze attack!”

Bad Smells Lead to Bad  Bottom Lines

When mold sets up camp in your business, it takes a toll on your financial bottom line by damaging your structure and furnishings (especially since most insurances exclude mold damage from coverage). But to make matters worse, mold’s smelly, ugly, and health-compromising ways may also send your customers and/or your best employees packing.

Don’t send your customers to your competition.  Keep your Louisiana business prospects coming in your door for your business to fill their needs and wants today.  Your business should be making your customers feel secure when they walk in your door.  A fresh and healthy business environment will make your customers comfortable and coming back to do business with you.

Whether your Southern Louisiana business is a concert hall, an office building, or a Mom and Pop shop, the area’s perpetual humidity and vulnerability to flooding create the perfect environment for mold to grow, grow, GROW! And once mold settles in, it can cost you, well, everything.

If your business has a history of moisture problems (flooding, leaks, high humidity/condensation levels) and/or you notice one of the following mold symptoms, you can’t afford to wait and let the problem destroy your business — in every conceivable way!

  • a musty, moldy smell, even if no mold signs are visible
  • even the itty-bittiest clumps of little green/gray/black//brown/white spots on walls, windows, ceilings,  or floors
  • pink/purple/orange spots and dots on wallpaper
  • whitish thread-like patterns in any of the aforementioned areas
  • sneezing, runny/stuffy/itchy nose, itchy/watery eyes, coughing — especially if the symptoms “magically” go away when you leave the building

If you suspect that the mold problem in your Louisiana business is wreaking havoc on your building and killing your business prospects, contact Sunlight Contractors. Their highly trained, licensed, certified  mold remediation experts will test for, identify, and eradicate your mold issue. What’s more, they can advise you about how to ward off future mold problems with a mold-proof, fireproof, soundproof spray on insulation.

The pros at Sunlight know stop mold from thriving so that your business can live long and prosper!

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