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Louisiana Flood Clean Up Tips

Why Call a Mold Remediation Specialist

As far too many Louisiana residents know, flooding can be devastating. To make matters worse, all that water can have moisture-loving mold and fungi growing by leaps and bounds within just a day or two. There’s no time to waste in cleaning up a home that’s fallen victim to flooding. Otherwise, decay-causing fungi and mold spores (possibly even mycotoxin-producing ones) will get right to work, rotting wood and other construction materials, and aggravating your allergies or otherwise damaging your health. Add to all that the fact that many homeowner’s/flood  insurance policies refuse claims for secondary damage, and the urgency becomes even greater.

If You Miss It – You Pay Out of Pocket

That’s right, if you miss secondary damage such as hidden mold growth, your insurance company will not pay for it.  The expense for clean up will be out of your pocket.  It is better to ensure the clean up is done complete and right the first time.  Mold can hide in vents, and duct work, in hidden places that need to be checked.  If it is not properly remediated it can grow into a health problem for your family.

So what steps should you take to protect your home, your health and your wallet from the further suffering that mold can cause after a flood? Here’s a better-do-it-fast list from Claudette Reichel, extension specialist at the LSU AgCenter.

Don’t take chances with mold developing

Most of what’s on that list is to keep mold from making an already awful situation even worse. Reichel also has some pretty specific advice about when and why you might consider hiring a qualified, licensed and registered contractor to tackle mold  for you, as well as what you should expect from the mold remediation process.

No time for a DIY project

After a flood, chances are that your potentially mold-harboring area is way beyond 10 square feet, the size area the EPA says you might be able to clean up on your own — if you had an N-95 respirator, and lots of other recommended safety clothing/equipment, and if you’d done your research on the right cleansers and chemicals and biocides. In the case of a flood, your problem is not only likely much bigger, but it’s probably still just lurking in the background, invisible at this point. You need a way to detect it and root it out early. And once you find it and kill it, you need someone who knows precisely the best way to remove it too.

Call Sunlight Contractors today

Corey Yates, owner of Sunlight Contractors, is a certified and licensed mold remediator. Experienced in mold detection, assessment and remediation, the Sunlight team will conduct the proper testing to find and identify any mold, obliterate it, and take it safely away from your home and your loved ones, and do post-testing to make sure it’s gone for good! With Sunlight on the job, you can stop worrying about mold because Sunlight “broke the mold” when it comes to unbeatable service and the savings!

Call us today at (504) 222-2082 for a free quote and to talk to a mold remediation expert. Our New Orleans location is at 1635 Elysian Fields Ave, Suite #325 New Orleans, LA 70117 or Call our location in Baton Rouge, Slidell and Kenner. Sunlight Contractors is the highest reviewed mold remediation and spray foam insulation company in the state of Louisiana.

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