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Termites can ruin your home from the subfloor and, when you are trying to sell your home, this can be a big problem.

Lisa Needed Our Help

Lisa could not sell her home in New Orleans without replacing the rotten wood eaten through by termites in her subfloor that was brought up during the home inspection. She called Sunlight Contractors and one day later we came to her home. We examined the termite-eaten subfloor, gave her a quick estimate, and she quickly agreed on the great price we offered with no hesitation.

Termite eaten wood, Sunlight Contractors, New Orleans

Sunlight came over the next day and removed the rotted wood and replaced it with new sills and floor joists. Lisa can now sell her home, as quickly as she wanted thanks to Sunlight Contractors acting as hastily as we did.

Termite eaten wood in New Orleans Sunlight Contractors

Excavate soil from under the home to work effectively

Termite eaten wood in New Orleans home

Removing the old sills and floor joists that were rotted

We replaced over 5 sills and floor joists. Termites love moist wood and now Lisa’s subfloor is structurally strong.