Is Your Roof Leaking?: Sunlight Contractors Has the Solution

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Sunlight Contractors has a specific process to guarantee a long-term fix for your leaky roof!

Step 1: Removal of Existing Roof Shingles

Remove the old existing roof shingles, underlayment, and damaged plywood. There will be a dumpster placed onsite and hauled away when all the materials are professionally removed and job onsite cleanup.

Step 2: Examining Existing Plywood for Rot

Once the underlayment is removed, the plywood MUST be examined to make sure there is no damages, rot, or holes. If there is, we replace the rotting plywood to avoid any leaks.

Step 3: Replacing Roof with GAF Shingles

Once the plywood is examined and the new underlayment is placed on, we continue to place an entire 75-year warrantied GAF roofing system including shingles, underlayment, ridge caps, starter strips, ridge vents, and roof jacks.

spray foam for leaky roof

Homeowners Beware

If the company you hire doesn’t remove the existing old underlayment to inspect the plywood, you will receive an inferior job. In case there is rotted plywood, they would never know it by leaving the old underlayment on. There are many other tricks to the trade that many unlicensed contractors get away with.

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