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Preventing Termite Damage

Ideally, preventing termite damage would be a homeowner’s only problem.  Termites just aren’t that simple.  First, we have to get to know the little pests, repair any damage, them we can focus on prevention.  Knowing the types of termite that is plaguing your home is essential.

Termite swarms in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and any area of Louisiana, have become so prolific that they’re being compared with an apocalypse. Starting in May, they gather around street lights and porch lights at night and burrow into the buffet of old wood found across these historic cities by day.

While the swarming termites may cause terror to anyone who happens to be out for a stroll as they blot out natural light, it’s the hidden termites that are the real problem. The swarmers of a colony are solely seeking a mate to continue the health of the colony; it’s the workers toiling away throughout the year who create the structural damage.

Dirt floor crawl spaces are perfect homes for Formosan termites

Formosan termites, the species that swarm in southern Louisiana, are subterranean. They live in nests built in moist soil. From their earthen homes, they attack wood, creating significant structural damage to homes and offices.

That makes crawl spaces with dirt floors particularly vulnerable to Formosan termites. In this humid, damp environment, termites have an easy, quick commute from their living area to their dining room – your house’s wood components.

Wood damaged by termites can sag and crumble, creating a hazardous living environment, and because these pests are continuously breeding, each day they have in your home, they grow stronger and more dangerous.

Encapsulate your crawl space to protect your sub-flooring

To insure your home against Formosan termite damage, it’s best to encapsulate your crawl space.   It will be the first step to preventing termite damage after you have repaired any former damage.  It will create an envelope against wood sub-flooring and joists prevents termites from ever having access to these wood elements.

Closed cell insulation provides a monolithic seal that sheathes your entire crawl space in protective spray foam. In addition to sealing out harmful moisture that causes rot in wood, this innovative insulation also makes your home’s crawl space a protective barrier against termites preventing termite damage in the future.

Termites and other pests aren’t able to digest closed cell spray foam in order to get to their chosen food source, and spray foam insulation is an uninviting terrain for pests, unlike fiberglass batting that holds moisture against wood and provides a nesting ground for insects and rodents.

Get the jump on termites today with closed cell spray foam insulation

If termites are a concern for your Louisiana home, get in touch with the insulation experts at Sunlight Contractors. We can quickly and affordably encapsulate your home, providing numerous benefits, from pest control to moisture control.


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