How to improve the savings of your solar PV panels

Solar Panels

The savings potential for Louisiana homeowners who invest in solar PV panels is significant. A 3kW system is capable of producing 450 kWh per month, which can reduce monthly bills by half. For homeowners whose summer cooling bills are in the triple digits, a common complaint in our sub-tropical climate, that savings could be tremendous.

However, solar paneling is only as effective as the home to which it’s supplying energy. An uninsulated or poorly insulated home that leaks energy limits the positive effects of solar energy. While much of your cooling costs are offset by the solar, if your conditioned air continues to leak and summer heat continues to penetrate your roof and exterior walls, your AC is still going to have to run continuously to make your home comfortable.

The first step to energy efficiency and the savings it creates isn’t actually producing energy. Rather, homeowners should start by conserving energy, and that’s best done with a high R-value insulation like open cell spray foam.

While spray foam insulation does provide the best R-value on the market, it’s greatest benefits lies in its ability to air seal attics and wall cavities. The insulation helps to maintain constant temperatures, but the air sealing actually prevents the perpetual loss of conditioned air and the energy that generates it.

Homeowners who choose to add solar before insulating often discover that the savings aren’t what they’d hoped for. It’s not too late to correct the problem and begin to benefit from the savings, though.

Chris Joplin, a Louisiana homeowner who had insulation applied after his solar panels were installed was able to tell the difference immediately.

Here’s what he had to say in an email to us:

It’s performing beautifully. My last three electric bills have been under $30, meaning that the combo of my solar panels and your insulation are doing just what I’d hoped they would. Running AC at 76° or so is barely budging my bill!

If you’re considering investing in solar paneling or if you’re not seeing significant savings from your installed PV system, contact the energy efficiency experts at Sunlight Contractors. We provide energy audits to determine where your home is losing energy, and we provide top of the line insulation and installation services.


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