How to Prevent Mold Growth from Becoming an Issue in your Business

Sunlight-Contractors-Louisiana-mold-resistant-insulation-1Whether you oversee an auditorium or an office building, in Louisiana, mold growth can become a problem. Southern cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge are perpetually humid, and that humidity creates the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Like rust and rot, damage caused by mold growth is often excluded from business property insurance, and getting rid of mold once it’s settled in can be costly. Prevention, then, is critical.

Though mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, they are all around you, floating through the air both indoors and out. Without moisture, spores won’t grow; however, they become a problem when they land on a damp surface.

Clearly, then, the way to prevent mold from becoming an issue in your commercial, industrial, or community facility is by Sunlight-Contractors-Louisiana-mold-resistant-insulation-2JPGeliminating the conditions that allow mold to grow. But how can businesses and organizations in a moisture-prone state possibly create that kind of environment?

Invest in moisture-resistant insulation

One solution is to invest in moisture-resistant insulation. Spray-on insulation like K-13 Spray-On Systems is prepared with moisture problems in mind. K-13’s cellulose fibers are chemically treated to resist mold growth and mildew, and its condensation control can be tailored to the specifications of the project. In other words, if you’re applying the insulation to an area with extreme moisture conditions, such as an indoor pool facility, condensation control can be maximized.

K-13’s custom spray system creates a monolithic barrier against moisture, and it creates an environment that is hostile to mold growth and mildew, but it has other advantages as well. Spray on insulation Mold resistant insulation for Louisiana businesseshelps to reduce noise, increase energy efficiency, and improve the structural integrity of a building. K-13’s treatment process even makes it fire-resistant for business owners looking to add additional safety to their facilities.

If you’re a Louisiana business with a mold problem, contact Sunlight Contractors. Our mold remediation experts can advise you on eliminating existing mold problems as well as preventing future mold problems with a mold-proof, fireproof, soundproof spray on insulation.


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