Don’t give extreme weather power. Take it back.

SMA Sunny Boy TL-US grid-tie inverter

This winter left no doubt that extreme weather is becoming the norm. From ice storms in the south to blizzards up north, power outages were a real threat to many. In southern Louisiana, damaging storms have been a part of life for as long as we can remember, but real strides have been made in our capacity to cope with rough weather conditions.

For owners of solar grids, Sunlight Contractors offers a new, state of the art way to keep power up and running even when your batteries and candles have run low. It’s called a grid-tie inverter, and it enables homeowners with solar power grids to harness the DC, or direct current, power of solar panels into the AC, or alternating current, power used in homes, even during emergencies.

The new SMA Sunny Boy TL-US is capable of supplying up to 1500 watts of free power from your solar panels to a dedicated circuit during a power outage. The system is furnished with shade management as well as extended voltage and operating temperature ranges that enable production of power under diverse conditions and during a greater time period during the day. Even in the case of a grid outage, the SMA Sunny Boy is able to provide daytime power. By contrast, typical grid-tie inverters are required to shut down when grid power is no longer sensed, day or night.

The design of the installation is lightweight and high efficiency with several options for a variety of roof types. Plus, it comes equipped with a remote monitoring system that allows you to view how well your system is working from anywhere on the internet, even your cell phone. We can also monitor your system from our office, and if something does happen to go wrong, the inverter is clever enough to send an email letting you and us know that a service call is needed.

Just one more good reason to go solar, Louisiana. A solar system not only saves you money on your power bill, it also saves your power when bad weather knocks it out. You can use the money you saved to stock daiquiri mix so when the neighbors show up at your door, you’ll be prepared for an extreme hurricane party.

SMA Sunny Boy monitoring system
SMA Sunny Boy monitoring system

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