Louisiana Homeowners Battle Against Moisture

Spray foam protects hardwood floors from mold and moisture

Louisiana homes are aesthetically made unlike any other home in the country. Beautiful columns that tower high and shotgun homes painted in Mardi Gras colors. They are unique and structurally embedded with Creole history. Tourist travel across the world to capture the sight of New Orleans cottages, or plantation homes.

The Hidden Enemy: Moisture

Under the charming exterior of all Louisiana homes, there may be a destructive culprit that will buckle, cup, or warp your floors, cause your home to become musty, damp, smelly, and be the perfect breeding ground for mold. MOISTURE. Many New Orleans homes are raised at least 12 inches and standing water from rain gets stuck under the crawlspace, even if there is no water under the subfloor the ventilation is so poor that humidity rises into the wooden substrate and creates expansion and contraction causing the wood to become brittle and disintegrate. These are major factors in high moisture content in the crawlspace. High moisture throughout your home whether its, in the attic, crawlspace, or in your walls are detrimental.

Keep Moisture Out

There is only one way to stop high moisture from occurring, and that is with closed cell spray foam in your crawlspace. First, we get rid of the initial problem through remediation whether its mold or moisture and then start the spray foam process. Closed cell spray foam is an air barrier, thermal barrier, and vapor barrier. Closed cell spray foam comes with many benefits including making your home architecturally sound, while lowering your energy bills. When your home is sealed properly no air is escaping and your HVAC system is not trying to keep up with all the air that is escaping.

Best Spray Foam Insulation Sunlight Contractors New Orleans Louisiana crawl space insulation for warm floors in the winter

If you have high moisture already Sunlight Contractors has a full proof process to eliminate the high moisture throughout your home. If your crawlspace Is experiencing problems placing fans under your crawlspace to generate ventilation may help the problem but it is not the solution. Sunlight Contractors uses high powered commercial equipment to bring the humidity down and other tools that bring the moisture down drastically. If the high moisture is throughout your home including your attic other steps are taken to solve this problem like commercial dehumidifiers. Moisture is a burden on a home and a hardship on the wallet if you let it get out of control.

Sunlight Contractors cannot make Louisiana’s humidity index lower, but we can help your home manage it. Do not let toxic mold grow, let your wooden substrate rot, or your floors cave in. Call Sunlight Contractors for your estimate under your subfloor.

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