Covington Louisiana Spray Foam Fights Mold – Ben and Catherine are Covington Homeowners whose house was riddled with mold – and saved with closed cell spray foam

sunlight contractors fight mold with spray foam covington Louisiana

Spray Foam and Mold Remediation with Sunlight Contractors – how they helped homeowners battle against mold with spray foam insulation

The benefits of spray foam over the life of a home are unlimited. Spray foam will not only make your home more energy efficient but it will save you money on your home’s energy bill. It also acts as a moisture barrier, deterring mold and other problems associated with moisture. How does spray foam act as a moisture barrier? The polymer that polyurethane insulation is composed of provides no food source for bacteria or mold, which means that it deters the growth of mold when applied correctly. Closed cell spray foam also is impermeable to water, an air sealed air barrier & thermal barrier when applied by a “Master Spray Foam Installer certified by the SPFA” – Closed cell spray foam will protect your crawl space/Sub floor and prevent any mold, moisture, hot air or cold air depending on the season from getting into your home.

Louisiana is notorious for hot humid condition in climate zone 2, many homeowners are in dire need of mold remediation services especially when the air is being drawn from the crawl space and the damp moldy spores are drawn into your home. Many Covington Louisiana homeowners worked with Sunlight Contractors to fight mold.

Ben and Catherine’s Review:

Catherine anWe had closed cell foam installed under the house with very small crawl space. The entire crew was very professional from start to finish. Everything is very clean, even our cable guy commented on how clean of a job it was! Ira took a lot of time to explain everything to us and make sure we didn’t have any questions. He continues to follow up with us to make sure we are happy with the outcome. Can’t wait to see the benefits of this.

What are the benefits of using spray foam for the mold remediation process?

  • Long lasting – most spray foam lasts the life of the home making it a wise investment
  • Creates impenetrable moisture barrier – closed cell spray foam is the best for protecting your home from mold
  • Inert material – mold can’t grow or feed on spray foam
  • Can be done in a short amount of time – the last resident project was completed in three days
  • Reduces the formation of condensation and mold – acting as a preventative measure against mold
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