Which home renovations will lower my energy bills? – Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana

Energy consumption has more than doubled since 1980, and heating and cooling are among the biggest offenders. If you’re looking to lower your utility bills and improve your energy efficiency, consider making these changes during your next renovation.

Air seal for greater efficiency

Start by decreasing energy waste. Most homes, especially historic homes, have unwanted channels left by plumbers and electricians, cracks between aging joists, and even seams between floorboards that allow conditioned air out and unconditioned air in. When you air seal your home, you eliminate the cracks and crevices that allow air exchange between interior and exterior spaces. The simple first step can reduce your energy costs significantly by keeping your conditioned air where it belongs – inside.

Insulate for lower utility bills

Once you’ve air sealed your home, insulate your attic and crawl space. A properly insulated home stays comfortable longer. Our customers often comment on how infrequently their ACs kick on once their attic is air sealed and insulated with open cell spray foam. Since air conditioning makes up nearly 50% of American energy use during peak summer months, the savings can be notable. Many of our clients have cut utility bills in half, saving as much as $200!

Sunlight Contractors offers two products that both air seal and insulate. Choosing one of these options allows you to get double the energy savings in one product!

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation comes in open and closed cell varieties. The open cell can be applied in attics, and closed cell in crawl spaces. In both cases, this cutting edge product expands to fill any spaces, including undesirable air leaks. Spray foam insulation also has one of the highest R-values on the market, making it an excellent insulation for your energy efficient home renovation.

Blown cellulose

Like spray foam, blown cellulose fills every nook and cranny of an attic, allowing it to air seal as it insulates. If you’re trying to go as green as possible, blown cellulose is also an eco-friendly choice. It’s made from 80% post-consumer recycled material, which helps to efficiently eliminate the nation’s waste through recycling/

Choose EnergyStar appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are only as efficient as the homes they’re plugged into. Fortunately, once your home is air sealed and insulated, those EnergyStar appliances can really start to save you money by optimizing your home’s energy use.

At Sunlight Contractors, we take pride in helping southern Louisiana homeowners reduce their utility bills and their energy consumption through energy efficient renovations and products. Contact our BPI-certified contractors today to develop an energy plan that saves money and energy!

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