Will spray foam prevent outside pollutants from entering my home?

Ah, Spray Polyurethane Foam. How do I appreciate thee? Let me count the ways.

This may sound silly but when you get the results of:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Seal cracks/voids with no settling or shrinking
  • Reduce noise
  • Provide greater climate comfort
  • Increase structural strength
  • Deter pests
  • Lower my carbon footprint

(Wow. That’s a lot of ways.)

But I appreciate you for yet another reason, my wonderful Spray Foam.

I also adore you for your ability to prevent pollutants and allergens from entering my home.

That’s right, my cleanest Spray Foam. I love how you create a continuous air barrier to trap pesky particles that I prefer never to invite inside.

I love how:

  • your beautiful mold-resistant properties fend off nasty little microbes that could lead to all kinds of health problems
  • you care about my every breath
  • you understand that the air quality in my home matters.

The professionals at Sunlight Contractors probably won’t recite you a sonnet about spray foam, but they will help you discover the many reasons to love it — including its ability to improve the air quality of your home.

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Sunlight’s experts care about energy savings, comfort, AND air quality. That’s why they perform blower door tests before and after installing spray foam insulation in order to calculate how “air leaky” a home is and where it most needs insulation or sealing to improve energy-efficiency and minimize moisture/draft-related issues. It’s also why they perform ASHRAE 62.2 testing to assess your home’s air quality. And it’s why they provide you with written results of their findings.

Sunlight Contractors — What’s not to love?


Unlike other Louisiana spray foam contractors, Sunlight’s installers are highly trained and certified by third-party, professional organizations such as the LSLBC, SPFA, and BPI. Owner Corey Yates is a Master Spray Foam Installer with hundreds of hours of field experience in addition to certification through the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. Before you hire quasi-professionals, be sure to investigate their qualifications using the links to professional organizations provided in this post and compare them with Sunlight Contractors’ qualifications.

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