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Donna Dallas, satisfied Sunlight Contractors customer
Donna Dallas: I love their customer service. I’d recommend them to anybody!

Who would you call if you noticed your hot water system leaking on a cold, winter evening? Donna Dallas called the team at Sunlight Contractors, the same guys who’d installed the solar hot water system a year earlier. Not only did someone answer that late night phone call, but Corey and his crew were on the road by 4:30 in the morning navigating the icy roads to Donna’s house.

According to Donna, though, that’s par for the course when it comes to Sunlight Contractors’ customer service. From the very beginning, Donna found Corey and his team to be helpful, fast, and efficient.

After witnessing several neighbors making the choice to have solar hot water systems installed, Donna had decided to get one of her own. She knew she’d be able to save money on her utility bills, and she’s already seen a difference. She estimates she’s saving at least $50 per month thanks to the new system. Her purchase was also eligible for the Renewable Energy tax credit, which saved her even more money.

Before installing the system, Corey made sure that Donna knew what she was getting into. In her own words, “They were very informative and went into great detail. After that, it was a go!”

Donna Dallas' solar water system.
Donna Dallas’ solar water system.

The crew was in and out in a day. Donna was especially impressed with the care they took to leave her home as they found it – tidy. She’d been a little worried that the system would take up too much space, but she said that when Corey and his team were done, the wires had been streamlined, and the system didn’t seem bulky at all.

“Everything was so fast!” she said, “They were careful. They cleaned up after themselves. They made sure they didn’t harm anything. They were awesome!”

The benefits of the hot water system went beyond savings for Donna. She says that the water is hotter than ever, and it never runs out. But even if it did, she knows for certain that someone from Sunlight Contractors would be at her door in a jiffy to get it fixed.

“I love their customer service. I’d recommend them to anybody,” Donna assured me.


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