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Robin Reynolds
Robin Reynolds, a happy Sunlight Contractors customer

Upgrade Your Insulation

& Save

“I don’t think I’ve ever had my thermostat set to 76 and been cool in my house,” says Robin Reynolds, a happy Sunlight Contractors customer. “It used to be set on 70-71, and my bedroom still wasn’t cool. All the rooms are the same temperature now!”  Like Robin, you can upgrade your insulation and save.

Robin’s Uptown New Orleans home, like many other hundred-year-old residences in the city, wasn’t a model of energy efficiency. Though the home had withstood flooding rains and devastating hurricanes, it was losing air through nearly invisible cracks around windows and doors and especially through her uninsulated attic and crawlspace.  If you upgrade your insulation, it will seal your home for energy efficiency.

Heating and cooling the home required enormous amounts of energy as the air was pushed out of the house’s sieve-like walls, ceilings, and floors almost as soon as it passed through the HVAC unit. On average, a home’s HVAC accounts for fifty to seventy percent of the energy used, but if the air is lost as soon as it’s conditioned, as in Robin’s case, the cost increases exponentially.

Robin's older New Orleans home sealed up with spray foam
Robin’s older New Orleans home

Worse still, constantly running the unit under those conditions doesn’t even guarantee that the regulated air will maintain regular temperatures throughout a house. As in Robin’s case, no insulation means no consistency. Air might be chilly in one room and tepid in another.

By applying spray foam insulation in Robin’s attic, we sealed all those little cracks, preventing drafts and protecting against temperature fluctuations. By taking the one, simple step of properly insulating your attic, it’s possible to save 10 to 30 percent off your monthly utility bill. If you insulate your crawlspace as well, you’re increasing that percentage even more. Robin can already feel the difference. “I’m thrilled with the results!” she said in an email she recently sent to us.

In addition to the energy efficiency created by the insulation, Robin’s attic and crawlspace are also protected from moisture-related problems like mold and rot and from termite damage. That’s why spray foam is quickly becoming the preferred insulation of New Orleans homeowners. Unlike traditional insulations, spray foam seals out dampness and insects while sealing in air. If you’re interested in learning how spray foam insulation can help save you money and reduce your energy waste, give us a call at Sunlight Contractors. We’ve got great news for your older home!


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