Say hello to solar water heaters and hot showers.

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Mike was eager to go solar, but Shannon says she needed a little convincing. As they contemplated having a solar hot water system installed, she worried about stepping into a cold shower in the morning. Still, the possibility of saving significantly on their ever-rising utility bills was too tempting not to give it a try.

Sure enough, within the first month of having their solar water heater installed, they’d already saved $30. That was enough to convince them to embrace solar panels five months later. They’ve knocked $100 off their utilities each month since then.

But what about the hot showers in the morning? As Shannon had feared, it wasn’t long before her hot showers turned lukewarm and then icy. She and Mike called Sunlight Contractors and explained their problem, and the response was immediate. “When we had a problem with our system,” Shannon said, “they had someone come out right away and replace it with a system that works for no charge.”

No charge? While other contractors might think that’s extreme, Sunlight Contractors believe in standing by their work and supporting their customers. “No matter what: customer satisfaction is the most important objective to all of us. We live on referrals and recommendations,” agree owners Corey Yates and Monica Boshnack.

Referrals and recommendations come easily for Sunlight Contractors, thanks to the level and quality of service they provide. Shannon has nothing but praise for the team. “They got here early and cleaned up after themselves. They answered all our questions.”

Going solar is one of the best things you can do for your home, your wallet, and the environment. It’s a way to use the energy available all around us more efficiently. While making the transition to renewable energy may be intimidating, it’s well worth it, and when you have a team like Sunlight Contractors to help you out, you can rest assured that cold showers will not be a price you have to pay.


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