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Baton Rouge Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

The state capital of Louisiana and home of the LSU Tigers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a prosperous business center and a magnet city for young entrepreneurs from across the United States. Seated upstream from New Orleans on the great Mississippi River, Baton Rouge enjoys mild winters but hot, humid summers. Like its southern neighbor, the city also faces its fair share of storms and hurricanes. Fortunately, homes and businesses that invest in spray foam insulation for attics, walls, crawl spaces, and roofs can avoid much of the damage associated with inclement weather and excessive moisture.

Energy Solutions for Baton Rouge Homes

Baton Rouge is home to many diverse neighborhoods, but one thing they all have in common is a need for moisture control. Because of the high levels of humidity and rain year round, the earth beneath homes stays wet, creating the potential for moisture damage to unprotected sub-flooring. Likewise, moisture buildup throughout residences can lead to problems with mildew, mold, and rot in new and older homes.

Closed cell spray foam beneath homes seals out moisture, preventing these issues while also sealing airflow. That means that conditioned air remains in the home and unconditioned air is unable to infiltrate through cracks and crevices in flooring. This simultaneously increases the overall healthiness of a home, preventing airborne allergens, while reducing the cost of monthly utility bills, as air doesn’t have to be continuously heated or cooled.

Open cell spray foam, which can be applied to attics and walls, likewise controls airflow and prevents mold, mildew, and even insects from invading homes in Baton Rouge. In addition, it helps homeowners maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year without excessive use of heating and cooling units.

Energy Solutions for Baton Rouge Businesses

Baton Rouge businesses also benefit from spray foam insulation applied to ceilings and walls. Just as spray foam reduces the need for heating and cooling in homes, it increases efficiency in commercial buildings, increasing comfort while lowering monthly utility bills.

Spray foam roofing also provides a green, energy efficient alternative to traditional roofing materials. Because it can be applied directly over most existing roofing substrates, spray foam eliminates the need to remove and then replace roofs, saving time and money. In addition, once installed, a spray foamed roof can last for up to fifty years with just a minimal amount of upkeep. Its firm grip and rigid texture strengthens the structural integrity of commercial building while resisting both water and air leaks and strong winds.

A spray foamed roof also helps Baton Rouge businesses maintain consistent temperatures throughout buildings, which means that clients and staff can be more comfortable without breaking the budget.


No other energy company can provide the solutions that Sunlight Contractors, LLC does. From residential floor, walls, and attic insulation to industrial spray foam roofing, we provide services and products that are guaranteed to increase your energy efficiency while reducing your utility costs.

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