Repairing Damaged Subfloors Due To Heat and Humidity- Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana

Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana – High Temperatures & Humidity Causing Buckling and Cupping Floors

New Orleans and its surrounding areas are best known for their high temperatures and humidity. This weather is infamous for causing many issues for homeowners. The moisture in the air seeps into the wood of your home and can cause havoc. That’s exactly what was happening to Debbie of Bogalusa, Louisiana. Debbie called Sunlight Contractors because her floors in her home were buckling and cupping. Sunlight Contractors was quick to make the trip to her home and evaluate her entire subfloor.

Upon inspection, Sunlight Contractors noticed that Debbie’s issues were much worse than just buckling floors. This customers home had been experiencing high moisture for so long that it has caused mold growth and severe structural issues. The structural issues include pier and beams that are degrading and slanting floors. Sunlight Contractors crew immediately started the subfloor drying process.

After the mold remediation and subfloor drying process was complete, they were able to spray closed cell spray foam on her subfloor. Sunlight Contractors and their crew now has to face a hostile and tight work environment, by working hours on end rebuilding over 50 concrete pier and beams for proper support, which the home builder failed to do. There is a lot more work that this customer wants to have done, including having a load study on her HVAC systems, installing proper dehumidification systems and attic spray foam so her home will be within a normal, healthy moisture range.

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