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Metal roofs are a practical choice for commercial and industrial properties. They’re affordable, they’re easy to install, and they’re more fire-resistant than many roofing alternatives. However, metal roof corrosion comes with their own set of problems. When left unchecked, these metal roof shortcomings can lead to serious expenses for business owners.

Metal Roofs Corrosion is Costly and Unsightly

The most significant weakness of metal roof corrosion is caused by environmental moisture and rooftop ponding. If left unchecked, corrosion takes a toll on the structural integrity, durability, and longevity of metal roof systems. It doesn’t take long for that “affordable” roof to become a costly maintenance hassle.

As metal roofing products corrode, structural systems are compromised.

Over time, metal roof corrosion leads to pitting, cracking, and fractures, which, in turn, create seepage, leaks, and permanent architectural damage to commercial roofing and property. In addition to a damaged roof, these leaks can lead to destroyed stock, skyrocketing energy consumption, and uncomfortable conditions for employees and customers.

GacoFlex Roofing System provides permanent protection from the elements.

Sunlight Contractors recommends beginning any metal roof protection project by a thorough cleaning of the existing substrate followed by an application of GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer, which improves adherence of the protective GacoFlex silicone coating. This state-of-the-art silicone coating can be used to protect, repair, or restore metal roofs, eliminating the need for expensive tear-offs.

When properly applied by a professional, knowledgeable contractor, the GacoFlex roofing system clings to the metal substrate. It provides a seamless, watertight membrane, protecting metal roofs from the corrosion caused by permanent ponding water and the inclement weather and humidity that Louisiana business owners know so well.

Reduce energy bills and increase workplace satisfaction while you’re at it.

To optimize the return on your roofing investment, consider sandwiching a layer of GacoRoofFoam between the primer and silicone coating. Roof foam provides insulation and reduces energy consumption without sacrificing workplace comfort. In fact, owners and employees are able to tell a difference in the temperature within hours of a roofing job by Sunlight Contractors. That’s a big deal here in southern Louisiana where the summers are unbearably hot and the humid winters equally cold.

If you’re ready to protect your real estate investment and improve your working environment, get in touch with the professional roofing experts at Sunlight Contractors. We’ll provide an assessment of your existing roofing substrate and make the best recommendations for improving the quality and endurance of your roof.

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