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Hiring a reputable, licensed, and insured contractor is the most important part of any commercial, industrial, home improvement or remodeling job. We proudly display our licenses, certifications, insurance and references. We strongly recommend you verify any claims of licensing, insurance or experience before hiring a contractor no matter what the size of the job.

Sunlight Contractors, LLC prides themselves on being much more than just a licensed Master Spray Foam Installer. Sunlight Contractors, LLC holds 3 active licenses with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. These licenses include Residential, Commercial and Mold Remediation licenses with 11 other specialty classifications. As a company, they also hold 5 certifications with the Building Performance Institute. These include but are not limited to Quality Control Inspector as well as Energy Analyst.

Repeat customer Brandon P. of New Orleans, LA called Sunlight Contractors, LLC to prevent humidity in his attic once again!

What is humidity and why is it so bad for your home?

Humidity is the concentration of water in the air. Warm air is much better at holding moisture and that is why we see such high readings in Southeast Louisiana throughout most of the year. If there is too much moisture in your attic, it will condense on the upper portion of your roof deck, which rusts the exposed metals, rots the deck and could inspire mold growth if not caught early enough.

High humidity can not only cause structural damage to your home, but it also impacts your comfort level. You will notice that you aren’t sleeping as well. Those who suffer with asthma and allergies will have more problems in higher humidity.

The ideal humidity levels in your home should be between 30 and 60%.

Low humidity levels can also cause issues for your home. If your home doesn’t have enough moisture in the air, you will start to see damage to wood, furniture and hardwood floors. You are more prone to cold and infection as well as experience itchy and dry skin.

Sunlight Contractors, LLC can help you achieve these ideal moisture levels by sealing your home with open cell spray foam and in some cases, installing whole house dehumidification systems.

When you have your home insulated with spray foam on your roof sheathing, you are essentially bringing your attic from outside, to inside of your home. Your attic that was once previously unconditioned space, is now conditioned. As a result, you will reduce your attic’s temperature drastically, causing your air conditioning unit to run much less. This is what most spray foam companies you hire will do, spray the roof sheathing and leave. What sets Sunlight Contractors, LLC apart is that they are certified Master Spray Foam Installers and know the science behind everything in your home. Your attic has to be spray foamed properly. The attic encapsulation that Sunlight Contractors, LLC offers also includes sealing off all areas to the outdoors, which is where most of your humidity comes in from. You DO NOT want these areas left unsealed as this will cause higher moisture now that your attic has been sealed off at the roof deck. Gable vents and soffits are the biggest culprits, they must be sealed off from the outside completed, making your attic an unvented, conditioned space.

Brandon P, from New Orleans – Google review of Sunlight Contractors, LLC!

“I used Sunlight Contactors for insulation in my home (which is only 4 years old). for the last 3 summers my a/c has run continuously and was not able to keep up with the heat. Now, my house stays cool throughout the day and my a/c isn’t running non-stop. Ira is great and very professional. Alen was always professional and I appreciate the work they did with the insulation and installation of my dehumidifier.

Return customer 3/2021 after moving to a new house and had Sunlight contractors come out to spray foam the crawl space of the new house. These guys are always professional and do great work. They will explain things and show they are very knowledgeable”

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