What happens during Spray Foam Insulation Installation? Destrehan Homeowner

Melanie’s Review – Destrehan, Louisiana Spray Foam Insulation Installation

“It has been a pleasure working with the Sunlight Contractors team to place spray foam insulation under my home and in the attics. Each time the team has arrived on time or early. Clayton and Kyron have taken time to explain each step of the process. All the team has been very courteous and careful with my home and my belongings. Ira is an amazing resource of knowledge and has communicated with me at length–he’s taught me a lot about how to make my home as energy-efficient as possible. I will recommend them to any of my friends or family who need this service.”

The best way to explain the spray foam insulation installation process and show how we are leaders in the industry is to show the process of how we complete the job, from beginning to finish. Below, We’ll take you through each step of the spray foam insulation installation process and show you how we transformed this Destrehan home.

  • Melanie of Destrehan is about to include a whole house makeover including new attic and sub floor insulation from Sunlight Contractors.
  • We observe and inspect the whole house to check and avoid any problems that may occur.
  • We always preform a door blower test before, so we can measure the houses performance before and after the spray foam is installed.
  • We prep your entire attic with thick, heavy plastic to avoid any over spray and to keep the area clean.
  • We wrap the ducts and any other exposed material.
  • We ventilate your attic with a large fan.
  • The crew with Sunlight Contractors values cleanliness and professionalism. They’ll take care of your property and make sure that everything stays in great condition during the spray foam insulation process.
  • We then take measures to remove all of the old insulation from the area. Spray foam is eco friendly, cleaner, and more efficient than all other types of home and commercial insulation.
  • Much of the batt insulation currently in many homes is toxic. Spray foam insulation is green guard approved, meaning it is safe for your family, children and pets.
  • We then added 5.5 inches of open cell spray foam insulation to the cleaned and prepped attic area.
  • The open cell spray foam reaches every nook and cranny creating a barrier.
  • Installing non-toxic, pest free open celled spray foam throughout the attic.
  • Installing open cell spray foam in your attic is the best thing you can do for your home. It will reduce your home’s energy bills, make your home more energy efficient, keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • On the Sub floor and crawl space we installed 2 pound closed cell spray foam insulation.
  • Closed cell spray foam installed to your sub floor will eliminate drafts in your home.
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