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Zuppardo attic encapsulationFor American homeowners living in the south, summers pose a substantial challenge: staying comfortable without creating exorbitant utility bills. In southern Louisiana and Mississippi cities, summertime highs can range from 90°F averages in New Orleans to 92°F averages in Baton Rouge, but with extreme humidity levels, the heat feels even more oppressive.

Five hundred dollar cooling bills are not unusual in this area, and the cost of cooling – both financially and in terms of energy use – represents half the national energy demand during the hot months.

How can homeowner in Louisiana reduce their energy use and lower their monthly bills? A properly insulated home is the first step towards energy efficiency and cost-efficacy.

Proper insulation is critical to energy efficiency

Anthony Zuppardo, a Hammond businessman and homeowner, was tired of the ridiculous cost of heating his 2000 square foot home, and he began researching ways to lower the expense associated with heating and cooling. His large attic had no insulation, which meant that a significant portion of his conditioned air was escaping through the roof.

Additionally, his HVAC ductwork ran through the attic. As the conditioned air circulated throughout the house, it passed through the high temperatures of the attic. With each passage, the attic acted like an oven, re-heating the cooled air. In other words, Zuppardo’s uninsulated attic was not only losing energy, but it was also actively wasting energy.

Sunlight Contractors provides honest assessments every time

The Hammond homeowner had met Alan Carr, one of Sunlight Contractors’ BPI-certified energy analysts, at a New Orleans home show, and he was impressed by Carr’s knowledge. After consulting with two other insulation contractors, Zuppardo had Carr come out and take a look at his home to make an assessment regarding his insulation situation as well as the possibility of installing solar paneling.

Despite the fact that Sunlight Contractors does provide solar paneling, Carr spoke honestly with Zuppardo about the negligible impact solar PV would have on his home due to a large number of trees. Where another company had attempted to persuade Zuppardo that a problematic ductwork situation would cost upwards of $1500, Carr assured him that the problem wasn’t nearly so dire. The team could make the repairs for closer to $500.

Get more spray foam insulation for less

As if this level of forthrightness and integrity hadn’t been enough to persuade Zuppardo, Sunlight Contractors was able to install 5 inches of open-cell spray foam to his attic for less than the other companies were willing to install 2 inches.

Naturally, Zuppardo hired contractors who not only have the lowest prices but also the greatest number of professional certifications and licenses. Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana are certified by the third-party Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance as well as the NABCEP and RESNET to install spray foam, provide energy audits, and do a wide variety of other home improvement work.

In order to get the most value from your spray foam contractors, hire spray foam contractors who value professionalism and integrity. That’s Sunlight Contractors of Louisiana.


No other energy solutions provider can offer the savings and services that Sunlight Contractor does. From evaluations and estimates to energy conservation and production, we’re your one-stop-shop for energy efficiency. Call or email Sunlight Contractors today to learn more about energy solutions that will save your business money while conserving energy.


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