Encapsulate Your Attic with Spray Foam Insulation

Your attic’s insulation can leave you cold.  Encapsulate your Attic

Here’s the truth: If you have an improperly insulated or uninsulated attic, you have air leaks. And just as  hot summer outside air can “leak in” and raise your AC costs, the nice warm air you’re paying for in winter will rise up and “leak” right out the top of your home, wreaking havoc with winter utility costs as well. So what can you do to stay warm without breaking the bank, short of dialing down the thermostat and hunkering down under a fuzzy blanket in wool socks and a sweater?

Giving your attic proper insulation is one of the simplest ways to keep you — and your pocketbook — comfortable this winter. The U. S. Department of Energy (USDOE) estimates that a properly insulated attic can save you between 10 to 50 percent on your heating bill. (And that same insulation will keep on saving you money when the hot New Orleans weather returns and the AC goes back on!)

Consider this: Warm air rises, and leaks in your attic floor can waste 30-50% of your home’s heating energy. In Southern Louisiana, USDOE recommends attic insulation of between R-49 and R-60. That’s at least a 16-inch thick blanket of fiberglass insulation. However, attic insulation is often as minimal as R-19, a far cry from the recommended R-value. To make matters worse, it’s not uncommon to find places between fiberglass batts where insulation is completely missing, practically begging heat to escape through the gaps.

Encapsulating your attic will warm you up!

At up to R-7 per inch, open-cell spray foam insulation is the highest-R-value insulation material on the market. Properly installed spray foam insulation offers a reliable, consistent airtight solution, and the material and application method make it perfect both for sealing and insulating. As it expands, it fills cracks and puts a halt to the exchange of energy, air and heat.

By installing spray foam, you can get the sealing and the insulating done effectively in one affordable step! Encapsulating your attic with spray foam can be the best way to ensure that your nice cozy heat — and your winter utility bills —  don’t go right through the roof.


No other local energy company can provide the solutions and services that Sunlight Contractor does. The SuperAttic™ System, which adds a continuous and airtight layer of foam insulation beneath the attic rafters and inside the attic’s gable walls, is one of the many solutions we offer for your energy savings plan. Call or email Sunlight Contractors today for a complete home energy audit and attic insulation estimate.


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