Lower Energy Costs

How closed cell spray foam can lower your enterprise’s energy costs

Running a successful business means always being on the lookout for ways to keep expenses down while keeping employee productivity and product quality up. If your business requires the use of a box truck, train car, warehouse, or other metal building, closed cell spray foam should be your first consideration in cutting expenses especially lowering energy costs.

Closed cell spray foam, which has the highest spray foam R-Value on the market (up to R-6 per inch), cures a smooth, hard surface that nothing gets past. Serving as a vapor, air, and thermal barrier, closed cell spray foam is the ideal energy-efficient sealant for your industrial space. And although the cost of spray foam insulation is higher than other options, the energy savings and other benefits make the cost well worth it.

How closed cell spray foam can benefit your business

  • Keeps energy costs down by preventing temperature swings
  • Protects tools/equipment/products from damage due to temperature variations
  • Increases structural integrity
  • Protects against moisture and termite damage
  • Makes inside working conditions more comfortable for employees, regardless of outside temperature
  • Maximizes usable space in structure by regulating temperatures in attics and other areas that might otherwise be unworkable

The key to unlocking the benefits of closed cell spray foam, of course, is in its proper preparation and installation. That’s why more and more savvy Southern Louisiana businesses are turning to the professionals at Sunlight Contractors. Port of New Orleans called on the Sunlight crew to apply closed cell spray foam to the walls and ceilings of their heavy equipment shop. Conner Settle of Convent, Louisiana, did the same when he needed someone to get rid of the ineffective old fiberglass insulation in his metal warehouse and provide expert application of closed cell spray foam instead. Likewise, New Orleans confectionery Flower Power, and cold storage rental facility Southeast Frozen Foods, both knew Sunlight was the go-to contractor for their industrial closed cell spray foam needs.


Sunlight Contractors’ spray foam installers are highly trained, experienced, and SPFA certified. Both their neat, quick, top-notch application of closed cell spray foam and their commitment to customer service is unmatched. You’re on the lookout for ways to keep your business thriving. It only makes sense to choose the spray foam insulation contractor that looks out for you and your business: Trust Sunlight for your industrial insulation needs.

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