Air Sealing Improves your Heating

How Air Sealing Improves your Heating In Winter and Cooling in Summer

After the brutal cold of last winter’s polar vortex, many Louisianans made the choice to invest in more energy efficient furnaces. If you’re one of those homeowners who’s cranWarm air rises, pushing through cracks at the top of your house, pulling in cold air from below.king up the heat this cold season, you may be wondering why your home still isn’t quite as toasty as you’d like.

If you didn’t seal your home before installing the system, your problem isn’t your state-of-the-art furnace, it’s air leaks contributing to the stack effect. But what is stack effect?

During the winter months, when your furnace is warming up the air in your home, that air rises. It passes through cracks and gaps around light fixtures and wall joists into the attic. From the attic, the warm air leaks out into the cold winter air.

As the air pushes out of your home, new air – the cold air of your crawl space, basement, or other outside areas – is pulled into your home.

That means that all of that air your new, energy efficient furnace has so diligently heated will have to be re-heated over and over again to meet your indoor comfort needs. This stack effect forces your heating system to work harder, which costs you more money and wastes lots of energy.

Once your home is sealed, air stays in place, which means that your furnace will be able to meet its true energy saving potential.

Spray foam insulation provides the dual benefits of air sealing as well as insulating. When open cell spray foam is applied in the attic, it prevents conditioned air from escaping through the top of your home. When closed cell spray foam is spray in your crawl space, no cold outside air can infiltrate your home.

The good news is that by having your home air sealed professionally, you can reduce heating and cooling utility bills by 20% or more. Even better: air sealing is a once in a lifetime repair. Once an air sealed home, always an air sealed home. That means you can sit back in comfort and enjoy the money your energy efficient furnace is saving!

To learn more about our air sealing services, read more here or give us a call. Our energy efficiency experts are always happy to answer your questions.


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