Beware the botched spray foam DIY job

Botched Spray Foam can be Costly

Improper installation of open cell spray foam can quickly turn a homeowner’s potential dream-come-true into his or her worst nightmare. While open-cell spray foam is a fantastic product with many benefits (including increased comfort, energy savings, moisture control, and structural strength; and reduced noise) it’s only as good as its installation. Far too often, DIY jobs end up as botched spray foam.  Attempts to save a few bucks by hiring any old “Chuck in a truck” end up costing the homeowner far more in the long run.

Mistakes like failure to carefully examine and evaluate the area to be sprayed, improper product temperature before spraying, and inconsistency in spraying (too thick, too thin, or leaving gaps and voids), can result in serious headaches for homeowners. Spraying over an existing termite infestation spells especially big trouble, as do other installation errors that can lead to lingering and potentially even hazardous odors and/or condensation build-up that invites mold and rot — not to mention more termites.

It’s More Than Removing Botched Spray Foam – Other Costly Damages

Sunlight Contractors recently encountered a homeowner who was living that nightmare. Shoddy, unprofessional installation of open cell spray foam left them with a happy, healthy host of termites enjoying the “moist life,” ruining areas of their crawl space wooden floor.

The good news is that the experts at Sunlight Contractors knew just what to do and were ready to help. The bad news is that undoing the damage already done is neither cheap nor easy. That’s why it’s important to have a team that knows how to remove spray foam insulation. The Sunlight team had to begin by removing every single speck of open cell spray foam that had been previously installed. To get an idea of what that entails, watch the video below. Or just think about scraping every scrap of burned cheese, pasta, and tomato sauce out of the world’s largest lasagna pan.

If you’re thinking about installing open cell spray foam insulation, be sure to hire a contractor that is certified and licensed, and one who guarantees that the job will be done right. Your home, your health, your comfort, and your wallet will all thank you for it.


No other energy company can provide the solutions and services that Sunlight Contractors, LLC does. From the estimate to the evaluation to the installation and follow-up, Sunlight’s highly trained, certified, licensed installers are dedicated to doing every job right the first time. They guarantee their work and are committed to your satisfaction.

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