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Energy Efficiency & Air Quality for better Mold Control

You know that popular kid at school who was just so darned good at — well, everything? Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation is that kid. (Although he does have kind of a weird name, so we’ll just call him SPF for short.) Of course, you also know know that being the popular kid means you have haters, and I can hear their challenges right now: “Oh, yeah?” What’s so great about this SPF insulation? And just who exactly thinks it’s all that and a bag of chips?”

Spray Foam Insulation improves Air Quality

Spf improves air quality. It stops uncontrolled air leaks in a home that means dust, allergens, and all kinds of annoying and even scary particulates and pollution can come wafting in any old time and from any old where. When spray foam insulation is properly installed by a professional who understands ASHRAE standards, SPF becomes like the uber-effective bouncer-friend who sends those bullies on their merry way.  Stopping dust and allergens is a must for indoor air quality.

Heating and cooling systems like SPF

Spray foam insulation makes their life so much easier. SPF is an ace at resisting heat transfer, so it keeps hot air out in summer and warm air in in winter. SPF’s high R-value makes for amazingly effective insulation, and it works like gangbusters when it comes to blocking air from leaking in through cracks, seams and joints. Since the ENERGY STAR program says that air infiltration accounts for as much as 40 percent of the energy that a home uses for heating and air conditioning, that makes spray polyurethane foam is kind of a SUPER STAR. Just sayin’.  In addition to improving your air quality, you’ll be saving on your heating and cooling bills.

Houses that hate mold love spray foam insulation

Because spray foam insulation is their bodyguard, protecting homes against some pretty nasty enemies named Mold and Mildew. Unlike his peers, Cellulose and Fiberglass, spray polyurethane foam never hangs out with mold spores or moisture-trapping organic materials. Furthermore, SPF’s great insulating talents make it a whiz at staving off condensation, and its finesse as an air barrier helps keep moisture-saturated air from moving around willy-nilly.

Sunlight Contractors loves SPF too

Because they know all the ways in which SPF can benefit home and business owners. However, the professionals at Sunlight also understand that SPF is at its best when accompanied by his pals Proper Ventilation and Properly-Sized HVAC. (Yeah, they have kind of weird names too.)

Trust Sunlight Contractors – Certified SPF Contractor

Their responsible experts don’t stop at delivering top-notch quality spray polyurethane foam installation. They also advise clients about consulting with their HVAC contractor to ensure that their tightly spray-foamed home has the proper mechanical ventilation and that their HVAC is properly-sized for optimum effectiveness and humidity control. And if clients do discover a moisture-related issue, Sunlight owner Corey Yates, a licensed, certified and experience mold remediation specialist, is there to help.


When it comes to balancing indoor air quality and energy efficiency for better mold control, Sunlight Contractors is the real “popular kid.” They’re the hands-down, go-to source for unbeatable solutions and service.

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