Tired of a Drafty Home – How to Check for Air Leaks

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Tired of a drafty home?  Well, air leaks in your home are fine. As long as you’re fine with wasting money, dealing with drafts and cold spots, and sharing your space with the Mold and Mildew twins. Getting a handle on  the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home cuts heating and cooling costs, while improving the comfort, durability, and even the air quality of your living space.

What’s an air leak?

When outside air flows in and conditioned air flows out through cracks and openings, you have an air leakage issue. And if you’re thinking, “Hey, that’s great! It means my house has good ventilation!”  — THINK AGAIN. Just wait until you receive your air conditioning bill and that drafty home won’t seem so great.  The Department of Energy cautions against relying on air leakage for ventilation. Because this type of air exchange is uncontrolled, the result will likely be too much air coming in when it’s cooler/windier and too little when the temperatures rise and the winds die down. And that typically adds up to poor indoor air quality. Instead, the DOE recommends reducing air leakage as much as possible, and providing controlled ventilation.

How do I take control of air leakage in my home?

The professionals at Sunlight Contractors will help you show air leaks who’s boss and how to solve the drafty home problem.  Here’s how:

  • They’ll perform a home energy audit, including a  blower door test, to calculate how “air leaky” your home is and where your sealing or insulation needs are greatest.
  • If your home is too “tight,” they’ll advise you to contact your HVAC contractor and/or to install mechanical ventilation.
  • If a home is not sufficiently tight,  they’ll advise you about the best air sealing materials and techniques to optimize your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and air quality. Since spray polyurethane foam, when conscientiously and expertly applied, is better than any other type of insulation at reducing air leakage, Sunlight will specifically explain where open or closed cell spray foam might benefit you most.
  • Once Sunlight completes installation of spray polyurethane foam, they’ll do a second blower door test, measure the total air volume in your living space, perform ASHRAE 62.2 testing and email you a report on your home’s air exchange rate per hour (ACH).

When you trust  Sunlight Contractors to insulate your home with spray polyurethane foam, you’ll get top-notch service to improve your comfort and energy-savings, and the important information that you need about your home’s air quality.

Unlike other Louisiana spray foam contractors, Sunlight’s installers are highly trained and certified by third-party, professional organizations such as the LSLBC, SPFA, and BPI. Owner Corey Yates is a Master Spray Foam Installer with hundreds of hours of field experience in addition to certification through the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. Before you hire quasi-professionals, be sure to investigate their qualifications using the links to professional organizations provided in this post and compare them with Sunlight Contractors’ qualifications.


Sunlight Contractors will help you say goodbye and good riddance to air leaks!

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