It’s Time to Show Your Support for Solar Energy.

By December 30, 2013News

Corey Yates, owner/operator of Sunlight Contactors LLC in the greater New Orleans area of Louisiana, strongly believes that the future of our planet relies on a clean, affordable source of energy. Just as we would hope for the financial stability of our budget and for our future generations to be worry free of a huge national debt, we must also hope for a clean and healthy planet to live on. Do you think that one is more important that the other?

Any businessman or entrepreneur will agree that you must spend money in order to make money. The same concept applies to our environment in a way that we must utilize the resources that nature has given us to optimize what we receive in return.

Two wrongs have never been known to make a right, but maybe two problems can come together with one amazing solution. Invest in solar power to provide a clean and renewable source of energy that we all so desperately need. In return we will have an energy source that is not only cleaner, but more affordable than what we currently have available to us.

Corey Yates along with the rest of the team at Sunlight Contractors LLC., would like to thank U.S. Senator Max Baucus for taking the initiative to introduce the importance of/and for the continued support of the solar industry. Senator Baucus has stepped up like no other has and given the industry the support and encouragement that it deserves in order to flourish. He sees that gas fracking, oil drilling, and the poisoning of our water supply is devastating to this beautiful planet that we call home.

Although Senator Baucus is in favor of keeping the federal tax incentives, he would like to see the investment tax credit for clean electricity be lowered to max out at twenty percent. As someone well knowledgeable in the solar industry, Mr. Yates agrees that the efforts to keep the federal tax incentives in place are a step in the right direction. He believes that in order to keep the solar industry alive and thriving, we must keep, but not lower the current tax incentives.

The federal tax incentive rate for solar power is currently at thirty percent, which allows consumers as well as utility companies to go solar at an affordable rate.

Aside from the initial cost of system hardware/installation requirements, solar power is not only free to consume, but completely free of harmful emissions.

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the use of fossil fuels in our everyday life. Including but not limited to, power plants and the automobiles that we drive daily. If the goal of this nation is to lower our dependency on fossil fuels while being mindful of our national debt, then maintaining tax incentives for creating renewable energy must be of utmost importance.

Corey believes that the solar industry cannot survive without at least an equivalent amount of support that is already being given to the fossil fuel industry i.e., oil and gas companies. Due to the fact that solar power is the clean renewable resource that it is, it could only be wise to get involved and be supportive of this grand movement forward.

Now is the time to gain our independence from harmful fossil fuels and bask in the glorious rays of solar powered energy savings that is shining on our door step. Senator Baucus is asking for feedback from the general public. This is YOUR chance to stand up for what is right! This is YOUR opportunity to let Senator Baucus know how you feel and what you think about our desperate need for clean and affordable energy! This is YOUR shot at being a part of the rapidly growing solar industry that is here to benefit us all!

Please show your support in favor of keeping the federal tax incentive rate for solar power at thirty percent to Senator Baucus by e-mailing him in the article attached below.


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