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From now until September 30th.

Blower door and & duct blast testing for FREE!

REMEMBER Before you work with any contractor, we recommend that you verify that they are licensed and certified to perform work on your home.

Verify our RESNET Certifications: https://www.resnet.us
Verify our BPI Certifications: https://www.bpi.org
Verify our Licenses from the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors: https://www.lslbc.louisiana.gov


Complete Home Energy Audit

We are proud to show you our licenses and certifications because we don’t subcontract our work. Shouldn’t the person who is licensed, certified and experienced be the one performing the actual work on your home? We think so! Which is why you should demand from any contractor that only the actual license holder perform work on your home. No subcontractors or “supervised” hourly workers.

Also, we believe that promises are only as good as the end result. What sets us apart is that we perform a comprehensive home energy audit before and after any work is done so we can prove that we are as good as our word.

Sign up for a home energy audit performed by a RESNET Certified Home Energy Rater (HERS) who is also a RESNET Energy Smart Contractor. This is an incredible offer to any qualified homeowner… designed to pinpoint energy leaks and help you save 30% – 60% in monthly utility costs. Only a RESNET Certified  Home Energy Rater (HERS) can qualify your home for any available federal, state or local incentives related to home energy efficiency. You could be eligible for thousands of dollars of free home improvements.

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The state and federal governments are focused on lowering our dependence on foreign oil by subsidizing solar energy and energy conservation in our homes.  Why not you? There’s no money out of pocket and you can start saving money from the day you are connected to the grid.


Your FREE Home Energy Assessment Includes:   

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Building envelope features (windows, doors, insulation, ducts) and ages
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment types, characteristics and ages
  • Appliance and lighting characteristics
  • Comfort complaints
  • Visible moisture issues
  • Visible health and safety issues

Thermal ImagingEnergy Envelope Testing Heating and Cooling Moisture Assessment

Plus, find out if your home is suitable to go solar. Our 16-page report will detail the costs, system size and energy savings for your individual home. We’ll even show you what solar panels would look like on your roof, using satellite imagery.

Your 16-Page Solar Report Includes:   

  • Building and Roof Analysis for the suitability of a solar system.
  • Solar system size estimate and configuration.
  • Cost and benefit analysis.
  • Satellite imagery with visualization of solar system on roof.
  • Solar output estimates.
  • Extended annual saving report.
  • Environmental Impact.

Solar ModelingSavings CalculatorSolar ReportEnvironmental Impacts


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