Solar Thermal Water Heating

Let the sun heat your water with solar thermal water heating!

Solar Thermal The average American family spends $267 per year for fuel to heat water. Whether you’re washing dishes, doing laundry, or scrubbing the baby, that’s a lot of money, especially if you could use the same amount of water and pay significantly less.

The good news? You can use the same amount of water and pay less! A solar hot water system’s insulated, glass-faced collector can be mounted on nearly any roof that has good sun exposure. The black-painted tubing and interior surfaces absorb the sun’s radiant energy in the same way that your car seat’s do on a hot July day. They use that solar energy to heat water for your family’s use.


Wonder why so many homeowners in Louisiana are buying into solar thermal heating?

★    Solar thermal technology stands the test of time. Did you know that the first roof-mounted solar thermal collectors were developed more than a century ago? You can count on today’s systems for efficient, reliable heating for years to come!

★    Solar thermal technology is affordable. Often, a solar thermal system can be installed for less expense than a solar PV system. State and Federal tax incentives can lower installation costs even further.

★    Solar thermal systems save money. Fifteen percent or more of your family’s total energy use probably comes from heating water. That’s hundreds of dollars per year that you can save by heating your water with solar energy.

★    Solar “green” features improve home value. Homes with energy-saving features sell faster and for higher prices than homes without such features according to research done by the National Association of Home Builders. In fact, solar systems can boost a home’s resale price by as much as $17,000!


Photovoltaic Installation in Laplace LA You might think a solar thermal system would be useless in the winter, but think again! An antifreeze solution circulates between the solar collector and the heat exchanger in the hot water tank in a closed-loop system. This prevents danger of damage even in freezing weather!

Once the antifreeze reaches a certain temperature, the control module activates a pump, which moves the antifreeze through the heat exchanger, heating the water in the tank. If solar heat becomes limited, the water in the tank is heated by an electric heating element of a tankless water heater.


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