Ponchatoula is the Louisiana’s Strawberry Capital thanks to the warm, moist springs, but that same combination can mean trouble for buildings that aren’t properly sealed and insulated. Sunlight Contractors has been working with Ponchatoula business and home owners to provide air sealing, insulation, and moisture control through the use of spray foam insulation. Through the use of affordable spray polyurethane foam for floors, attic, walls, and roofing needs, we’ve helped Ponchatoula homeowners and business owners lower their utility costs while improving their energy efficiency.

Spray Foam Insulation for Ponchatoula Homes

For Ponchatoula homeowners seeking savings on their monthly utility bills, spray polyurethane insulation may be just the ticket! Open cell spray foam applied to attics and exterior walls provides insulation against extreme temperatures while also sealing air leaks, which are the culprits for most home energy waste.

By maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature in attics, open cell also reduces heating and cooling expenses. How? Because most HVAC ductwork runs through attics that are extremely hot or cold, depending on the season, interior air has to be perpetually re-conditioned after a trip through the attic. Attic encapsulation with open cell spray foam eliminates this problem.

Closed cell spray foam, on the other hand, is used to seal Ponchatoula homeowners’ crawlspaces against moisture, air, and insect infiltration. Because closed cell has a dense, water resistant texture, it protects homes against the buildup of molds, mildews, and other indoor air pollutants while insulating.

Spray Foam Roofing for Ponchatoula Businesses

Strawberries aren’t the only enterprise in Ponchatoula’s thriving economy! With a host of restaurants, shops, and businesses, Ponchatoula has the capacity to lead a green business revolution, and spray polyurethane foam can help make that happen!

Ponchatoula business owners have an opportunity to make their business structures more pleasant and more affordable while also establishing energy conscious business practices. The air sealing and insulating properties of spray foam mean that commercial and industrial buildings can be made more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Spray foam roofing is another valuable energy improvement that Ponchatoula business owners can make. Not only will this alternative, green roofing system increase the durability and weather resistance of industrial buildings, it will also reduce your heating and cooling costs while increasing your overall energy efficiency and comfort.


No other energy company can provide the solutions that Sunlight Contractors, LLC does. From residential floor, walls, and attic insulation to industrial spray foam roofing, we provide services and products that are guaranteed to increase your energy efficiency while reducing your utility costs.

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