Pearl River Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

Located just north of Slidell, Louisiana, Pearl River is nestled against the treeline of cypress tupelo and water oaks that extends deep into the bayous of the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area. Home to a broad variety of flora and fauna, including bald eagles, this wilderness lovers’ paradise fills locals with a sense of pride and a natural desire to protect the fragile ecosystem. Enlightened homeowners and businesses of Pearl River have found a way to reduce their carbon footprint, which benefits these invaluable wildlife areas, while also saving money each month. How can they do both? By investing in spray foam insulation, an environmentally friendly air sealant and insulation that conserves energy, reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

Spray Foam Insulation for Pearl River Homes

Like other southern Louisiana communities, Pearl River has its share of humidity. The combination of heat and moisture in the summer encourages the growth of mold and mildew while providing an ideal climate for many destructive pests. Air conditioners strain to keep indoor climates at reasonable temperatures while filtering out the humidity. Spray foam can solve both of these problems in addition to many others.

Applied to roof decks in attics, open cell spray foam fills in any cracks and gaps that allow conditioned air to escape and exterior air to infiltrate. Perhaps more importantly, this layer of insulation helps to keep attic temperatures moderate. High temperatures in the attic can mean extra work for your HVAC unit, especially when its ductwork runs through the space. As conditioned air passes through attic ductwork, it is re-heated by extreme temperatures, which means your air conditioner is perpetually running during the hot months.

Closed cell spray foam is applied to sub-flooring beneath homes. It prevents moisture that rises from the ground beneath a crawl space from seeping into absorbent flooring by creating a seamless, monolithic seal! This extra layer of insulation also helps to prevent temperature fluctuations in the winter and summer.

Spray Foam Roofing for Pearl River Businesses

Pearl River businesses benefit from spray foam insulation applied to ceilings and walls as well. It increases efficiency in commercial buildings while improving comfort and lowering monthly utility bills. Spray foam can even be applied to roofs, where it helps to maintain consistent temperatures throughout buildings, keeping clients and staff comfortable without breaking the budget.

Spray foam roofing provides an environmentally conscious, energy efficient alternative to older roofing materials. It eliminates the need to remove and then replace roofs because it can be applied directly over most existing roofing substrates. Not only is that more convenient, allowing work to continue throughout the process, it also saves time and money. Once it’s been installed, a roof can protected with spray foam can last for up to fifty years with minimal maintenance. Its firm grip and rigid texture not only strengthens the structural integrity of commercial building it also resists water and air leaks as well as strong winds.


No other energy company can provide the solutions that Sunlight Contractors, LLC does. From residential floor, walls, and attic insulation to industrial spray foam roofing, we provide services and products that are guaranteed to increase your energy efficiency while reducing your utility costs.

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