Marrero Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

Marrero is the best of two worlds. Residents of the idyllic West Bank community are a short drive from New Orleans’ bustling French Quarter and a canoe ride into pristine swamplands of the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. By investing in spray foam insulation, homeowners and business owners alike get the best of two additional worlds: energy efficiency and monthly savings.

Spray Foam Insulation for Marrero Homes

Sharing its neighbors’ subtropical climate, Marrero homeowners also share a common concern for moisture control. The traditional raised homes of southern Louisiana prevent water damage during floods and hurricanes, however, the tradeoff is a steady influx of moisture from the perpetually wet soil through sub-flooring. This dampness creates an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and termites, all of which contribute to the slow deterioration of a structure as well as infiltration by air-borne pollutants that irritate the respiratory health of homeowners.

Two pound closed cell spray foam applied beneath homes clings to the sub-flooring, sealing out moisture as well as the flow of exterior air into the conditioned air of living spaces. In this way, closed cell spray foam strengthens the structure of a home while also increasing the energy efficiency.

Open cell spray foam installed in attics and walls likewise seals out moisture and unwanted airflow while keeping conditioned air where Marrero homeowners want it: in their homes. This cuts down on energy waste while reducing monthly heating and cooling bills significantly.

Spray Foam Roofing for Marrero Businesses

Both the large national chains and the small mom and pop businesses of Marrero stand to gain from an investment in spray foam insulation and roofing. As an insulation, applied to the walls and ceilings of offices, storage spaces, and commercial facilities, spray foam insulation saves money on a monthly basis as temperatures remain consistent, eliminating the need for the constant conditioning of air.

Spray foam roofing saves money up front as it is an inexpensive alternative to reroofing. Spray foam can be applied directly over existing roofing substrate, and with proper care, it can be easily maintained for up to fifty years. It resists water and air leakage as well as strong winds, an important benefit to hurricane-prone southern Louisiana, and it also reduces the impact of UV rays. In addition to the up front and maintenance savings, spray foam roofing acts as further insulation, reducing the cost of heating and cooling each month.


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