Garyville Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

A city of historic beauty charm, Garyville, Louisiana is home to the ornate San Francisco plantation, a National Historic Landmark. However, Garyville is also a city of modern prosperity with a claim to large-scale corporate endeavors, such as the award-winning ecolab Nalco and a Marathon refinery, as well as smaller mom and pop style business establishments. Both residents and business owners of Garyville benefit from the moisture and temperature control provided by spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation for Garyville Homes

Garyville, like many other cities in southern Louisiana, maintains a humid climate year round, which can lead to moisture-related problems in homes. From the accumulation of mold and mildew to the infestation of termites and other pests that take advantage of deteriorating wood. Two pound closed cell spray foam applied to the underside of sub-flooring prevents the infiltration of moisture while also air sealing homes.

For Garyville homeowners with attics that lack sufficient insulation, open cell spray foam applied to the roof deck also helps control moisture and temperature. Open cell spray foam is sprayed as liquid, but once sprayed, it expands, filling cracks and crevices that permit the infiltration of exterior air before it cures. Open cell spray foam acts as both air sealant and home insulation, lowering and maintaining temperatures throughout the house year round

Spray Foam Roof for Garyville Businesses

For business owners in Garyville, spray foam holds particular promise in terms of energy efficiency and savings in overhead costs. As an insulation applied to ceilings and walls, spray foam insulates and air seals in exactly the same fashion as it does in homes.

However, businesses and industrial facilities also benefit from the installation of a spray foam roof. As an alternative to traditional roofing, spray foam roofing is more cost effective from the very beginning. It can be applied to pre-existing roof substrate without having to undergo the removal of the roof, which is an expense in terms of time and money.

When maintained properly, which requires very little time or expense, a spray foam roof can last up to fifty years! During that time, a spray foam roof is saving the business money on each monthly bill as it controls temperatures, keeping them more comfortable and reducing the need for constant conditioning. It’s also providing strength and endurance to the building’s structure, resisting wind lift, which is a problem in southern Louisiana during hurricane season, weathering rains, and reinforcing the structural integrity of a roof.


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