Destrehan, Louisiana Spray Foam Insulation

West of New Orleans along the Great River Road lies Destrehan, Louisiana. The remarkable antebellum structure known as Destrehan Plantation served as a backdrop to the award-winning film Seven Years a Slave, and it is a monument to architectural savvy. Though Destrehan Plantation was nearly lost in ruins after decades of neglect, recent years have seen the historic building restored to its former glory.

Though not every home in St. Charles Parish has the storied history of this plantation, they all share the humid, hot environment that led to much of the building’s decay. Fortunately, new and historic homes alike can be better preserved through the use of spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation for Destrehan Homes

Like so many of its neighbors, Destrehan is embattled year round with the problems that come from a humid southern climate. Dampness in homes create an ideal environment for the buildup of mold and mildew as well as hosting moisture loving insects like termites. Closed cell spray foam insulation can provide moisture control and seal out pests when applied to the underside of homes. It also adds a layer of insulation, preventing drafts and air leaks, which reduces heating and cooling bills.

In the attic, an application of open cell spray foam with built in ignition barrier further reduces moisture and air infiltration by sealing cracks and gaps. With one of the highest R-values on the market, open cell spray foam ensures that homes maintain comfortable year round temperatures, reducing monthly utility costs by as much as 40%!

Spray Foam Roofing for Destrehan Businesses

Homeowners aren’t the only residents of Destrehan who stand to gain from the benefits of spray foam. Business owners can take advantage of spray foam’s insulating properties to reduce the cost of conditioning office spaces, warehouses, and other industrial structures. Applied to the walls and ceilings of businesses, spray foam insulation is an affordable, energy efficient way to reduce business overhead costs.

Spray foam can also be applied as a roofing alternative, providing an easy to maintain alternative to traditional roofing like shingles and tar. A spray foam roof can be applied directly over an existing roof substrate, which makes the project quicker and less costly than a full re-roof. A properly maintained spray foam roof is able to resist wind lift, water damage, and even UV rays, lasting up to fifty years. Spray foam roofing allows you to operate your Destrehan business is a way that is both affordable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.


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