Des Allemands, Louisiana Spray Foam Insulation

Known as the “Catfish Capital of the Universe,” Des Allemands sits squarely on the boundary of Lafourche and St. Charles parishes along the Bayou Des Allemands. Nestled neatly in the midst of a natural wonderland, residents of this town enjoy an abundance of seafood, and they host the annual Louisiana Catfish Festival. Of course, being surrounded by waterways affects moisture and temperature levels for homes and businesses alike. Spray foam insulation provides an environmentally friendly and durable solution to moisture and temperature related problems..

Spray Foam Insulation for Des Allemands Homes

Residents of Des Allemands have an appreciation for the nature that has so abundantly supplied their needs for decades. That makes spray foam a natural choice for both air sealing and insulation. With one of the highest R-values on the market and incredible air sealing properties, spray foam greatly reduces energy waste that not only leads to pollution but also increases monthly utility bills.

Attics encapsulated with open cell spray foam maintain consistent and moderate temperatures year round. Though the benefits of a cooler summer attic may not be obvious, they are impressive. Because HVAC ductwork runs through attics, an air conditioning unit has to work constantly to cool and the re-cool air that has passed through the high temperatures of an attic in the summer. By keeping the attic temperatures at reasonable levels, the air conditioner and heating unit both have less work to do, which extends their lives as well as reducing utility costs.

However, open cell spray foam does more than insulate. It also air seals attics, preventing the loss of conditioned air as well as the infiltration of exterior air. It also reduces the levels of air pollutants that otherwise damage indoor air quality, leading to asthma and increased illness, especially the fibers and dust associated with fiberglass batting.

Closed cell spray foam can be applied to the underside of sub-flooring in order to insulate floors, which can become extremely cold in the winter due to cold air emanating from the ground in crawl spaces. Again, spray foam does more than insulate. It also air and moisture seals crawlspaces, preventing the infiltration of mold, mildew, and even moisture-loving pests.

Spray Foam Roofing for Des Allemands Businesses

Many Des Allemands businesses rely on the vast waterways surrounding the town; however, businesses can also suffer from the consequences of moisture and extreme temperatures. Spray foam can be applied to walls, ceilings, and crawlspaces to make offices, warehouses, and other industrial structures stronger, more comfortable and more affordable. Closed cell spray foam has even been used to seal marine structures, improving their strength and durability as well as their ability to stay afloat!

A spray foam roofing system can also reduce monthly heating and cooling costs by insulating and air sealing commercial structures. Because a spray foam roof can be applied directly to an existing substrate, the cost of tear offs can be avoided, making the install of a spray foam roof a very affordable option. By clinging to this surface, spray foam roofs also reduce the possibility of wind lift, storm damage, and leaking. In fact, a spray foam roof, when properly maintained, can last up to fifty years!


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