Bush, Louisiana Spray Foam Insulation

Northeast of Covington lies the cozy community of Bush, Louisiana. Situated on the western border of the Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge, residents of Bush enjoy the scenic beauty of the cypress-tupelo swamps and hardwood forests that southern Louisiana is known for. Though the steady flow of water has created beautiful sandstone formations in the Fricke’s Cave gorge, that same moisture can also wear down on the structural integrity of homes and businesses. An application of spray foam insulation can eliminate the threat of moisture-related problems while reducing the cost of monthly heating and cooling bills.

Energy Solutions for Bush Homes

Bush homeowners benefit from the top to bottom air seal and insulation provided by the cutting edge technology of spray foam insulation. In the attic, open cell spray foam’s high R-value ensures consistent temperatures year round. While the advantage of moderate temperatures in attics may not be immediately obvious, they are significant. HVAC ductwork often runs through attics, and when temperatures are extreme, the unit will be forced to continually re-condition air that has passed through very hot or very cold attic spaces.

Additionally, open cell spray foam expands upon installation, filling in the cracks and crevices that allow conditioned air to escape and exterior air to infiltrate. By simultaneously air sealing and insulating attic spaces, open cell spray foam reduces energy waste and the associated high utility costs.

Similarly, closed cell spray foam can be applied beneath homes to the underside of sub-flooring to seal out moisture and exterior air and seal in conditioned air. This means that moisture-related problems like mold, mildew, and even damp-loving pests such as termites are virtually eradicated as is the energy loss that happens as conditioned air escapes through insufficiently insulated flooring.

Energy Solutions for Bush Businesses

Bush businesses can also reap the rewards of the air sealing and insulating benefits of spray foam insulation. When applied to walls, ceilings, and crawlspaces, spray foam seals out moisture and unconditioned air, creating an indoor environment that is more comfortable for staff and clients, healthier, and even more affordable. Monthly utility costs will drop while employee satisfaction will increase!

Spray foam roofing systems provide a further financial advantage for businesses. A spray foam roof can be applied directly to most existing roofing substrates, which eliminates the cost of a tear off. Because it clings to this substrate, a properly maintained spray foam roof can weather wind lift, storm damage, and even UV rays, making it a durable roofing alternative. In fact, a spray foam roof can be expected to last up to fifty years with a minimum of maintenance.

As with spray foam applied to walls and ceilings, a spray foam roof helps to insulate and seal commercial structures. That means that this environmentally friendly, affordable option will also save you on your monthly utility expenses.


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