Arabi, Louisiana – Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing

Life is sweet in Arabi, Louisiana. This charming community is home to the Domino sugar refinery as well as an annual Sugar Festival that draws visitors from neighboring New Orleans and far away. It’s quaint historic cottages are notable for their brilliantly painted facades that reveal just how much residents love their homes. Protecting those homes from the moisture and heat of southern Louisiana means relying on some modern technology, and spray foam insulation is perhaps the most efficient product on the market for both moisture and temperature control.

Energy Solutions for Arabi Homes

Homeowners in Arabi take pride in their lovely homes, and so it’s no wonder when it comes to protecting these historic structures, they choose the multi-tasking benefits of spray foam insulation. From top to bottom, spray foam seals up energy leaks and provides one of the highest R-values on the market.

In the attic, layers of open cell spray foam cling to the underside of the roof deck, filling in cracks and gaps as it expands and cures. This prevents the loss of conditioned air through the stack effect, but it also interrupts the penetration of radiant energy that keeps most attics extremely hot or cold, depending on the season. By lowering temperatures in attics, where HVAC ductwork often runs, pressure is taken off heating and cooling systems, extending their lives and helping to maintain consistent temperatures throughout your house year round.

Beneath the home, closed cell spray foam not only adds a layer of insulation but also creates a monolithic seal that completely protects sub-flooring from moisture as it rises from the ground into crawl spaces. By sealing out moisture and sealing in conditioned air, closed cell spray foam reduces the risk of moisture-related issues such as mildew, mold, and even moisture-loving pests.

Energy Solutions for Arabi Businesses

Businesses in Arabi can benefit from spray foam technology as well. Applied to ceilings and walls, spray foam effectively seals and insulates offices, warehouses, and other industrial structures. Not only does this make these areas more comfortable for clients and staff, it also lowers a business’ overhead as less money is wasted on perpetually heating and cooling a space.

Spray foam roofing provides another affordable and energy efficient solution for businesses spending too much money on utilities each month. A spray foam roof reduces radiant energy, seals in conditioned air, and even protects businesses from storm and wind damage.

Plus, it’s a much more affordable roofing alternative. Because spray foam can be applied directly over existing roofing substrate, an expensive tear off can be avoided, and maintaining a spray foam roof is easy and inexpensive to manage.


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