Sunlight Contractors is one of the most licensed and certified contractors in the Southeast region. We travel within 100 miles of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We specialize in spray foam insulation, mold remediation, moisture remediation, renovations, remodeling, roofing and air sealing. Sunlight contractors believes our customers are the most important part of this small women owned business. Many of our customers come out of Covington, Louisiana.

Covington, Louisiana is in St. Tammany Parish with a recorded population of 8,483 back in 2000 by the U.S. census. Covington, LA is known for its beautiful terrain, and it lies on the outskirts of New Orleans just north of Lake Pontchartrain. Covington, LA offers a 31-mile nature trail for hikers, families, and bicyclists that connects Covington LA, to Mandeville, Abita Springs, Lacombe and Slidell.

Lamont W. lives in Covington, LA, unfortunately when we came to inspect his property, his moisture was high in his subfloor underneath his home. Lamont’s moisture levels were around 22%. Closed cell spray foam does not adhere properly when the moisture content in the wood substrate is above 18%. Lamont did his research on Sunlight Contractors. There are plenty of other Contractors within the area, but buyers beware of contractors that are uninsured, unlicensed, and do not have the proper experience to successfully install spray foam in your attic, subfloor, or walls. Lamont asked us to email documents to prove we are licensed, certified and insured. We sent Lamont our general liability insurance, master spray foam installer certification, general contractor license number, mold remediation license number, and for safe measure Sunlight Contractors commercial license number. Sunlight Contractor’s is also BPI certified we have over 7 Bpi Building performance Institute certifications. Sunlight Contractors believes the more knowledge we obtain the better equipped we are to successfully seal your home from leaks, or even completely remodel your home properly.

Lamont asked a lot of questions and felt satisfied enough with all that Sunlight Contractors provided to set up an appointment. We only have extremely knowledgeable technicians measure and inspect your home.

Clayton is our lead technician and takes great care in coming up with the proper process with Sunlight’s top management to completely remediate your home. Clayton takes pictures of the entire area, the problem areas, and anything related to the process or problem to show you a big picture of what is really going on in your home.

Many times, Sunlight Contractors includes these pictures in the quote. Sunlight Contractors approves detail in every aspect of communication we pass along. We love for our customers to ask questions and completely understand what’s being done to your own home.

Clayton inspected and measured Lamont’s home, walked him through the problems, went over options, and showed him first hand what needs to be done to not only save on your home energy bills, but what can save him from wood rot, and foundation problems in the future. We believe preventative measures can just be as important as the problem at hand. Lamont decided to choose Sunlight Contractors. You can read his review on all the social media platforms. Click here for Lamont’s review. Lamont was very satisfied with Sunlight Contractors and you can be to. Contact Sunlight Contractors at 504-919-9993 or email us at .