You’ve heard that homeowners in sunny Southern states who invest in solar power systems are projected to save on average $65,000 over the next 20 years. The cost of solar panels for homes has dropped around 60% since 2010. Solar PV system installations in the US alone increased an incredible 421% in 2013 over the previous year.

You’re ready to make the leap to solar energy, but there’s something you need to know.

Solar Energy and Efficiency in Louisiana

If your home isn’t energy efficient, solar power won’t significantly reduce your spending on energy.

The more energy your home uses, the larger your solar PV array has to be. In other words, energy waste causes the cost of solar panels for your home to increase!
The more energy you waste, the more energy you need to produce. That means that whatever method for producing energy you use, you’ll have to make more of it to meet the demands of your household use.

That’s why at Sunlight Contractors we urge New Orleans homeowners to reduce before you produce.  Before you invest in solar panels for your home, ensure that your home is energy efficient.

Solar Power Efficiency Steps

Home Energy Audit

The first step is a home energy audit. Find out exactly how much energy waste is costing you. In New Orleans, many historic homes have had more than a century to settle, creating gaps and cracks where energy is lost. An energy audit helps you find those hot spots.

Air Sealing

The second step is air sealing. Sealing up air leaks in your home, especially in your attic and crawl space, will reduce your energy loss by 10% or more.

Spray Foam Insulation

Finally, insulate! The Department of Energy has stated that homeowners who have their homes properly insulated can reduce their energy loss from 10% to 50%!
Many of our New Orleans spray foam insulation clients have attics and crawl spaces that have never been insulated at all. This leads to attics that reach 140 degree temperatures in the summer! Because most HVAC ductwork runs through attics, conditioned air is reheated by the attics’ searing temperatures. That means at least twice the energy is required to cool and then re-cool air over and over again.

At Sunlight Contractors, our RESNET-certified and Building Professional Analysts can walk you through the process of reducing energy waste and help you prepare your home for energy production through solar panels.

We offer complete home energy audits in the Greater New Orleans area and a full range of air sealing and insulation solutions from eco-friendly cellulose insulation to multi-tasking spray foam insulation that seals while it insulates!


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