Process in Moisture Damage Remediation

Moisture Damage Remediation
The Sunlight Contractor team is in moisture damage remediation mode at this Louisiana home. Our southern Louisiana temperatures with heat and humidity make conditions right for mold growth where moisture and condensation build up. Homes that are not properly sealed or insulated are more prone to moisture damage.
The best way to control mold is to control moisture. The Metairie homeowner thought they had all the home’s renovations done correctly. Sadly, when they decided to upgrade the flooring, they found they had a moisture problem. It was a big problem in the sub floor that allowed moisture to get trapped from conventional batt insulation.
Upon calling Sunlight Contractors, they removed the old insulation and treated the mold then sealed the subfloor with spray foam insulation. Closed cell spray foam insulation not only seals, but does not allow moisture to penetrate the insulation or get to the sub floor.
Now this family has a home free from toxic mold and it also has warm sealed floors. The moisture damage remediation was a success.