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If you’re one of the millions of Americans ready to go solar, both the federal and Louisiana state governments have special incentives for you!

Renewable Energy Tax Credit

  • Extended through December 31, 2016.
  • Homeowners can claim 30% of qualifying purchases with no maximum credit.
  • Includes renewable energy properties such as solar panels and solar water heaters.
  • Cost of installation is included.

What properties qualify for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit?

  • solar electric,
  • solar water heating,
  • small wind energy,
  • geothermal heat pump, and
  • fuel cell*.

*For fuel cell properties, there is a cap of $500 per one-half kilowatt of capacity of the property.

The value of solar panels only increases!
The value of solar panels only increases!

What, in addition to materials, is included in the Renewable Energy Tax Credit?

  • labor costs of onsite preparation,
  • assembly,
  • original installation,
  • and piping or wiring to interconnect properties to the home.

(Go to for more detailed information.)

How do I claim my credit?

  • Collect your receipts and the Manufacturer’s Certification Statements for your renewable energy properties.
  • Fill out the 2013 version of IRS Form 5695 and submit it with you taxes by April 15, 2014.


The Louisiana Legislature has recently made very dramatic changes to the law regarding Tax Incentives for Solar Systems. The completeLouisiana law can be found online. The Louisiana Department of Revenue's ruling on the law can be read online as well.

Act 428

  • Homeowners can claim 50% credit of first $25k with no cap.
  • Includes renewable energy properties such as solar panels and solar water heaters.
  • Equipment must be installed by licensed contractor.
  • Equipment must be compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which LDR has defined as either American-made or produced in a country with which the US is a party to an international agreement meeting the criteria of ARRA.

What properties qualify for Act 428?

  • Solar PV,
  • battery-backup,
  • solar water heater,
  • and ground mount systems eligible.

Solar Panels Many companies in Louisiana are not aware of the changes to the law or have not researched the legal interpretations of the law made by the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Before you consider buying a solar system from any company in Louisiana, you should ask the following six questions. If your solar salesperson cannot answer YES to every question and provide the documentation to prove it, then you may be denied up to $12,500.00 in cash from the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

  1. Will all of the parts and components that will be a part of my solar system be certified as "Made in America" as required by the new law?
  2. Does your company have an in-house contractor, licensed by the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors to perform solar installations, who is also listed with the licensing board as the qualifying party for the company?
  3. If yes, will that contractor be purchasing the system components on my behalf as required by the new law?
  4. Is the qualifying contractor fully licensed and insured in the state of Louisiana?
  5. Will the qualifying contractor be the person performing the hands-on work to install my system? Please ask to see a photo ID from contractor.
  6. Will you be able to provide proof of all the information asked above, along with a solar site evaluation report from a Louisiana Department of Revenue approved software like Solar Pathfinder?

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