Commercial Insulation Benefits

Commercial Insulation Solutions That Do More Than Insulate Louisiana Businesses

Businesses in Louisiana contend with a number of issues – from high humidity to fluctuating temperatures. Fortunately, Sunlight Contractors provides comprehensive commercial insulation systems that keep structures comfortable, safe, and durable.

Thermal Insulation

Heating and cooling an industrial or commercial structure increases the overhead of Louisiana businesses significantly due to the extreme temperatures of the summer months. Sunlight Contractors offers a variety of innovative products, including Gaco spray polyurethane foam insulation to K-13 spray cellulose, that insulate buildings effectively, reducing the costs of climate control.

Moisture Control

Humidity contributes to the growth of mold, mildew, and other indoor air pollutants, and the corrosive effects of unwanted moisture pose a threat to the structural integrity of industrial and commercial structures. From indoor pools to marine constructions, our licensed contractors have the capability of reducing condensation damage through state-of-the-art, custom spray systems by K-13 spray cellulose and Gaco closed and open cell spray foam.

Noise Reduction

The K-13 spray applied cellulose insulation available through Sunlight Contractors adds a layer of soundproofing that outperforms traditional noise control products such as rigid board and batting insulations and acoustical ceilings. Athletic stadiums, shopping centers, and auditoriums all benefit from the multitasking of spray insulation acoustical control.


Chemically treated to add resistance to fire, K-13 spray applied cellulose adds safety to its long list of benefits. The industry leading spray on system has been rated and approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation for use in as a protective coating for combustible wood and cellulosic fiber, for low melting and combustible cellular plastic, and for structural steel to supplement automatic sprinkler protection in preventing structural failure.


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